In every facet of our lives we are seeing ENTRAPMENT used to manipulate and destroy Good people who just want the TRUTH.

ENTRAPMENT is also used to create a CRISIS – leading to CONFLICT to force CHANGE ( more Controls )  on our global society.

ENTRAPMENT Using these Forced SYNTHETIC changes to remove your rights to Privacy, your rights to own property, and removing all your Human Rights in the process.

ENTRAPMENT – paid PROFESSIONAL Agitators sent into Peaceful protests to stir up trouble and create a CRISIS – so that good people get arrested.

ENTRAPMENT – the most horrible entrapment of all is occurring to those in positions of power who have also been ENTRAPPED – CORRUPTED – COMPROMISED – BLACKMAILED – LEVERAGED and then Forced to work against their CONSCIENCE.

ENTRAPMENT – Abuse begets more Abuse – violence begets more violence – if for example people are recruited into Fraternities or societies at universities – having to undertake rituals or tests or perform Criminal acts to prove their allegiance to that fraternity – they have themselves immediately been Entrapped, Leveraged and Compromised from the start – if these same people are later chosen as Leaders to represent human beings in positions of power – their allegiances are with their fraternity FIRST and foremost – because of that Entrapment and the leverage and control held over them.

ENTRAPMENT – the STRAWMAN trick – Deliberately send a criminal in to SELL a LIE as the TRUTH , and as soon as the person receiving the LIE uses it as evidence to support their case – the STRAWMAN is exposed proving the Evidence was a LIE all along – all designed to DISCREDIT a good person who falls into this easy trap.

ENTRAPMENT – Political manipulation to discredit prospective candidates by deliberately feeding bloggers false or misleading information to be used against good people – discrediting both the candidate and the blogger for using it.

ENTRAPMENT forms the basis of many False flag events where fictitious theatrics ( CRISIS ) and lies are designed to force blame on an innocent party.   False flags are also used to seduce society into making decisions they would otherwise never make or accepting change they would otherwise never accept.

ENTRAPMENT is used to justify retaliation and give legitimacy to an otherwise unprovoked attack on an innocent party.

ENTRAPMENT – DARVO – Claiming to be the “Victim” when they were the offender all along. A total Contradiction – reversing Roles – the trick of the psychopath.   This is why GOOD people are ALWAYS accused or prosecuted for the crimes of the TRUE OFFENDER.  The Psychopath has successfully deceived everyone.

ENTRAPMENT in the form of bogus web sites, shills, trolls, false media and fabricated presenters – dis-info agents used to deliberately lure people into conflict or compromising situations or discussions that they would otherwise never engage in.   Any website currently inciting CONFLICT or FEAR is also being used to identify you as a DISSIDENT.

ENTRAPMENT is all to often used to destroy the credibility of a good person, whose only crime was to  try and hold a government office to account or to speak the truth about corruption.

ENTRAPMENT – False stories planted and designed to deliberately DIVIDE and MANIPULATE society.

ENTRAPMENT – False Stories designed to deliberately Discredit those seeking the TRUTH – Bloggers for example are being pushed into discussions designed to deliberately discredit them as an alternative form of media – there is a push to have only “APPROVED” media sanctioned as official purveyors of the “NEWS.”

ENTRAPMENT – Your Emails and your email address are mirrored – then emails are sent to people and friends – deliberately altered to appear as if offensive messages were sent by you, when they WERE NOT.

ENTRAPMENT – Deliberately dumping illegal pictures and images – loaded onto your pc without you knowing so as to frame you and discredit you.

ENTRAPMENT – Controlling your IP address – visiting illegal web sites and or sending mail and messages as if they were from your PC when they never were.   My wife and I witnessed our PC – IP address being used by another computer as we tried to log onto the internet – we received an alert stating our IP was currently being used by another PC – so we have witnessed first hand this is happening.  Its all designed to destroy you and your credibility and to suppress the TRUTH.

ENTRAPMENT is used all too often in the ” SECRET ” FAMILY COURT – Provocation is permitted to stir up ( CRISIS ) and create CONFLICT so as to discredit one parent and gain LEVERAGE.

ENTRAPMENT –  filling an innocent importation with drugs or contraband and blaming it on you.  Encouraging you to wire money to a bogus account to make it appear you are dealing with criminals. Implausible?  No not when those doing it to you – control the drug trade and the banking system!!!  Get customs and police to double check all your imports!! Before you receive formally them!!

ENTRAPMENT – Someone who has been Entrapped will then go on in life to think it NORMAL to continue to Entrap others so as to get Leverage over them, to control them, to ensure they do what they want, and also once ENTRAPPED – force others to make decisions which go against their own CONSCIENCE and Values and as we are seeing in many cases which go against HUMANITY and HUMAN VALUES.

We are seeing this today, people are being Bullied, Silenced and Intimidated to stay silent, to not speak the truth and to not be free and independent.

ENTRAPMENT – having LEVERAGE over someone.   Destroying the MOMENT in time which has no OPPOSITE.


The results are the same – corruption of power is destroying our way of life – because it is currently LEGAL to Entrap Innocent Citizens and Nations across the world.

Good cops don’t need to Entrap people – Bad cops do.


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