Police Interviews. Noticeable deficiencies in this case. ( Hampstead )

Police should always be asking specific questions to get to the truth.

It is also a pre-requisite of Police interviews to establish – Means, Motive and Opportunity for a Crime.

The Six fundamental questions an officer should ask a person each time a concern arises during interview are : – Who, What, Why, Where, When and How.

If you watch the Police interviews of the children – they are NOT asking the six standard questions of each concern raised by the children – in fact they focus on the trivial and the inconsequential – and they never delve deeper into each allegation made and this I found disturbing and frustrating to watch.

Police should have asked – every time an allegation arose……

1. WHO did this to you and expand on names and a description to identify the offender(s),
2. WHAT exactly did they do to you so detail can be listed for evidence,
3. WHY did they do this to you so we can try and determine motive,
4. WHERE were you and where were they when this happened – body positions and physical address,
5. WHEN exactly did all this happen – expanding on time and date identifiers, and lastly
6. HOW exactly did they do these things – obtain detail to corroborate each version.

So either the officer conducting these interviews is NOT trained or he is incompetent ?

or there was a deliberate desire to NOT get to the truth, to NOT identify offenders and to NOT look to prosecute crimes.

Interview technique is Standard, basic training for police – because its the core of their role when investigating complaints. Someone working in Child Sexual Abuse is supposed to have yet more training in Interview Techniques especially as a detective so as to Specialise in how to best get the truth from children.

The object always being to find the TRUTH, and to present that to the courts who determine guilt or innocence.

When we see this was NOT done at Interview, and we then also see that Physical Evidence was not sought immediately after the fact we must all have concerns.

Warrants should have been obtained to immediately subject persons of interest to search to determine Tattoos, Birth Marks etc and to Seize Computer systems and other physical evidence as would have been normal routine enquiry in most cases.

What you have here is a Deliberate stalling, buying time so that evidence can be Destroyed. You have evidence of this already.

You also have the deliberate persecution of Millions of people – Defamation on a mass scale in an attempt to steer people away from looking at this case or reading about it.

Defamation proceedings can and should be initiated because NO Facts have been used to support these allegations against millions of GOOD PEOPLE who are all looking simply for the TRUTH.

There are MANY good Ex Detectives out there – Private Investigators – who should be engaged NOW to start a real enquiry into this. Anyone can lay an Information on the courts – and since those we pay to do it will not, its timely for the people to do the job on their own.

Seek out the many Good Detectives who have left the force – who are no longer able to be intimidated and or pressured to leave this alone. The Ex Detective commenting on Video is just that person – a sound well reasoned caring and honest man – who like many of us – is very concerned at what is happening to the systems we used to all enjoy.

Victory of the People – Destroyer of Evil.

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