As we discuss the subjects posted in this blog you will get to know me and what I am about.

Why are there just WORDS in this Blog, why is the blog in BLACK and WHITE – because many have told me over the years I am very BLACK and WHITE in my views – there is no middle ground with me.

What caused me to start a blog?  How did I end up in this situation where my life changed course from what I was doing so well – managing and operating a successful Global business, creating jobs and revenue for my country.

The truth of the matter is that the systems I went to for HELP – for justice – did not provide it – and as it now transpires this is by design – the system is not designed to be Just and fair.

It is designed to demoralise you, to be unfair, to make you poor, to make you angry and upset – but it will not help you right a wrong.

I had seen this previously over the years in business – when I went to the justice system looking for help when I was defrauded of money by corrupted individuals – one a rogue citizen, the other an accountant – and in both those cases the system did not deliver JUSTICE to the victim.

What ultimately led me down this more recent path was was when this corrupted system messed with my child – when the system deliberately deprived me of time with my own flesh and blood – even after I did everything asked of me – I was fully compliant – only then did I realise that justice was never going to be provided – only then did I realise the system is designed to prevent you from ever getting any form of justice or fairness – when you wake up to this fact you realise you are living in a LIE.

You are living in a world which has been deliberately contrived to keep you in constant CONFLICT – to keep you Fearful and unable to form logical thought.  Unable to live with purpose and with freewill.

Choice it appears is an illusion – for if you end up having to make “choices” in life – you have already been deprived of your own free will and your right to live your life the way you want to.

The Choices today that are on offer only lead you into more conflict – male v female, money v poverty, black v white, every conceivable conflicted opposite is waiting for you.

So no “choice” offered by the current system is going to help you in the end with what you want.

FEAR plays a big part in destroying peoples ability to form LOGICAL NATURAL Decisions – CRISIS – CONFLICT – CONTROL is the Hegelian Dialectic process of PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION – designed to FORCE you to make UNNATURAL ILLOGICAL DECISIONS – it forces you to make “SYNTHETIC” DECISIONS after you are given only two choices – the ANTITHESIS ( left ) and the THESIS ( right ) – two extremes to choose from  – and only while living under DURESS and FEAR.

Much of my information shared here is from personal experience after witnessing first hand the damage the corrupted practice of entrapment and conflict creation is causing to people around the world.

Agent provocateurs are immoral and deceitful and act all too often in secret – which can no longer be tolerated by the global community.

As you read these pages – note much of what is causing society concern = is all related.


This is and was my code name when working in surveillance and while working undercover – it was reminiscent of the GREEN HORNET character – the Defender of TRUTH.

I had many successes in this field as a Detective and was very adept at catching and hunting down criminals.

Never forget any CRIMINAL regardless of who they are – never wants to be CAUGHT – they will BULLY, INTIMIDATE and LIE to avoid it and they will often run around in SECRET to avoid DETECTION.

As they say never poke your finger in a HORNETS NEST – for it will open up a can of worms where many people get stung.

Dedicated to My Father “Michael” – his nickname was GOD – died on the 27th December 2014.


I know he is there waiting for all those who have committed Evil here on Earth.

                                                                                      Secrecy is Deception – Secrecy is Corruption – Secrecy is abhorrent in a Free and Open Society.


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