I have had years of concerns with the Child Support System – here is my Story in BRIEF.

1. Firstly as I noted previously you are DELIBERATELY deprived of time with your own child – even when you do all the right things – even Court orders are NOT enforced in your favour.

2. As previously discussed you are provoked, intimidated, abused and Alienated – all designed to make you either react or destroy your credibility or both.    Once labelled a Domestic Violence Offender – you have NO credibility ever again.

3. By being deliberately deprived of time with my own child – it destroyed me and my ability to earn high incomes.  MY confidence was shattered dealing with all the false allegations and attacks on my credibility.

Beforehand – I was doing great things – taking companies internationally – expanding – I won two Business Innovation awards and had an immaculate and impressive reputation in a global service provider – which is today one of the largest in the world – all run off software I designed and instigated.

4. When my income Declined – Child Support kept Demanding I pay Maximums – actually more than the required maximums – not based on my income – based on what I or my family owned in Property.

Now what they are trying to do is Paint the picture that I am a miserable father, not wanting to support my child – this is yet another tactic to destroy your credibility.

I am refusing to pay child support because the system is corrupt.   My trying to paint me as an uncaring, miserable person, they will fail – WHY – because anyone that knows me – knows I am a very GENEROUS man – always have been – and hers the TRUTH – even when I was paying child support MAXIMUMS – when I was EARNING a HIGH salary – I still never saw any of my rights protected – never.

Never once did they protect my rights to see my child and protect her from Parental Alienation – so this is NOT about money – this is about impoverishing parents and deliberately preventing them from seeing their children.

5. I was told repeatedly by Child Support staff that I was NOT required to SELL property to pay child Support.

6. Child Support reviews are being conducted against all your rights to DUE PROCESS and FAIRNESS.  They admitted this directly after several complaints and evidence to this effect.  Which was unusual because anyone who has had dealings with IRD – knows they never if ever commit anything to writing – for then they would be held to account.

7. Your Human Rights, Rights to Privacy and Rights to own property are violated with Impunity.

8. Using Decisions garnered against all your rights to Due Process and Fairness and after stating that I was NOT required to sell assets to pay Child Support  – my home was Raided under Warrant – Ex parte, under urgency warrants sought in Secret whereby they seized my wifes personal car and the family truck ( a trust owned item of Property )

9. I have admissions that my rights to Due process were breached – but we NEVER received an apology for the Illegal Search and Seizure of assets from our home – which had to be returned.

10. At the time of the raid – $34K was in Dispute ( I challenged the review system and the amounts demanded when my income no longer justified the demands made ) – yet what also needs to be noted is that my Trust Interests from which they unlawfully seized assets – were $124K in tax loses with the IRD at the time.

So they owed my interests money – a lot more than was in dispute.

I want to make a very clear point here on the subject of money and your rights to see your children.

The system has now made “Money” a large part of the debate and the choices on offer with new changes being rolled out – currently the system is saying you now have a choice to pay less – because we are going to ravage BOTH parents instead of one – especially now we have forced both parents to work – thanks feminism – even if we cant help you see your child – think yourself lucky you wont have to pay so much – but as I have stated previously – a parent wants to see their child – you cant put a price on time with your child –  its not about money and never will be about money – you cant put a price on time with your child – but the government wants to do this – effectively put a price on time ( or lack of it ) with your child.

Similarly they are always presenting choices which only introduce – more conflict – they want you to argue over rich v poor – for example – claiming that the rich are not paying their way…this is all a fabrication ..anyone who works hard simply has more available to be taken by this corrupt system… comment here is wealth is not relevant – because even when I had money and did everything right – it just cost me more than someone less fortunate – to get nothing back in return – I was still deprived of time with my own child and you cant put a price on that.

In NZ money does not buy you justice as the system would have you believe.   If you have more they will just take more from you – as is the case with the new cost of living allowance per child that BOTH PARENTS will have to pay – if your earning more – you will pay more .its all relative …a system deliberately designed to keep everyone POOR.

The other point that has to be made here is that those who are manipulating this system do not care about money – they have more money than they could spend in 100 lifetimes – so money and wealth is irrelevant – this is all ABOUT CONTROL of YOU and your CHILDREN – so never get drawn into these debates – these purposefully designed CONFLICTS – that this is about Money or wealthy v poor or mum v dad or female v male – these are all CONFLICT positions they want you to take sides on – and every time you do – you just give the currently corrupted system more strength, and more power.

11. The biggest concern I have is that the Ombudsman who we all ask to investigate concerns relating to FAIRNESS – The corner stone of Justice – for without FAIRNESS we have no TRUST in the entire SYSTEM – they simply refuses to INVESTIGATE my concerns = this is the trick I mentioned in this BLOG – simply refuse to take complaints  and if that does not work – simply refuse to actually FORMALLY INVESTIGATE THEM…..No report – no Concerns.  Coverup, Suppression, Secrecy – all very deceitful and currently the normal course of business.

( thats why they take very step to NOT investigate complaints that affect Fairness and post script – after almost two years I finally have the ombudsman officially notifying my concerns and investigating them as at 11/5/1015 )

12. The impact and deliberate destruction of me and my business skills cost me in lost opportunity and income and profits in excess of $10 Million USD – an easy figure to calculate – because my business went on to be worth that much more – built on all the systems and solutions I had designed and would have gone on to enjoy had the Secretive NZ family Court not destroyed me and my ability to operate a company and a successful business.

Not content with destroying me and my ability to earn high incomes – they then pursued me for excessive revenue and then illegally took personal and family property – secret warrants sought under urgency and without notice – and then tried to sell this family property at a NO reserve Auction.

Illegally Seizing property including my wife’s personal car – worth 3 times the amount in dispute and again they are not accountable for doing this.

Even if you take me out of the equation – the impact on my wife and children who were distressed at the raid and seizure of family owned property has had an serious and devastating impact on their lives – and they were the innocent parties in all of this and to this day have NEVER had an apology.

My wifes car was her personal asset and there was never any legal basis for it to be taken – it was quickly returned and dumped in a neighbours paddock after I phoned in and exposed their failures.

This is the reality of what is happening in NZ.  Good people are being destroyed – kids are being destroyed  all in pursuit of Revenue at all costs.    Your Rights to Due Process are being deliberately ignored.  Fairness it seems has gone out the door with Privacy, and Rights to Free Speech – clearly Property seizure is high on the list of new targets.

NZ has refused to sign into NZ law –  the UN mandated Rights and protections of citizens to OWN property and the right to due process before Seizure – a recent concern raised by the NZ Gun industry relating to PARTS – exposed this when the response from Govt stated we had NO Protected RIGHTS to OWN PROPERTY and this could not be given as a defence to any unlawful seizure – 2014.


DEBT creation – Governments need to Create DEBT – so they can borrow money to spend – when you understand this concept you can then understand why EVERY government – Left or Right ( Hegelian Dialectic ) creates DEBT.

In NZ the Child Support Business – is about creating massive DEBT against NZ parents – for example in sum total NZ parents owe approximately $500 Million in actual debt – but the PENALTY industry has seen an opportunity to create MASSIVE DEBT by making unrealistic demands of parents – forcing up PENALTIES on what is actually owed – thats why the NZ Child Support DEBT has a total of $2 BILLION dollars of PENALTIES attached to it.

This is a Deliberately created DEBT leveraged against good parents who are then attacked and persecuted and destroyed financially – ultimately resulting in personal property being seized – to repay this scam.

The recent Changes in 2015 to Child Support – simply TARGETS MUM and DAD to be persecuted –  and thanks to FEMINISM – forcing women to work and give up CHILD CARING –  both parents are now required to work every waking moment to provide the same INCOME that one parent used to earn to support a FAMILY.


As of May 2015 and notified publicly in the Budget it was announced that there will be consideration taken to remove this Deliberately created Child Support  PENALTY DEBT burden from all parents in the future.

I can only hope that my complaint which identified this concern – and which had to be officially investigated and notified by the ombudsman -prompted a public statement by govt about this concern – this is the way the system works – when a known concern is going to be officially investigated and officially recognised and publicly reported they have to be seen to be doing something about it – hence the public statement in the budget this year – before my enquiry is reported.

The First to break the news publicly gets the best press on a matter.

They were never going to wait for my concerns to be reported publicly and then have to muster a response – so best get in first with the perception they are doing something about it beforehand – this is how governments react – For every action  there must be an equal and opposite reaction – cause and effect – it works the same for them as they do to us.

The real proof will be to see if they do actually remove this fabricated – deliberately created child support Penalty debt burden from parents in NZ – that will be the true test of this statement and a true testament to their honesty and integrity.


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