CONFLICT – this is the game we are in today.   A perpetual state of CONFLICT and FEAR driven by the manipulation tools I have previously discussed – Hegelian Dialectics – Problem – Reaction – Solution –  over and over and over again.

DIVIDE and RULE – A constant in todays world – keep us all divided and keep dividing us all on every single issue that life presents – all because it makes it so much easier to CONTROL the masses.

RACISM is the MOST POWERFUL TOOL available to create CONFLICT between people and nations.

Racism is MORE POWERFUL than a RIFLE –  remember that as you watch the world being thrown deliberately into RACIAL CONFLICT.

Pitting Dark races against white races – pitting dad against mum, pitting religion against religion.  Atheist against Theist with Agnostics stuck in the middle, Terrorists against National Citizen, Christian versus Islam versus Judaism, Homosexuals versus Heterosexuals versus Transgenders versus Bisexuals,  Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark.

Deliberate Conflict between white and black –  The 30 million Negroes in the USA today, are the most important racial target of the Communist Party USA, and infiltration, exploitation, and control of this large group ranks as one of the party’s top goals.   

Notice how we have staged events using a WHITE COP to SHOOT a BLACK MAN – and watch the resulting CIVIL UNREST and CONFLICT.

NZ has a similar concern today – with those wanting to perpetuate Racial Tensions between MAORI and EUROPEAN.

When you look around in your own Society – you will see clearly that on the whole everyone gets along – we work together, we play sports together, we enjoy social activities together – everyone of mixed religions, races and genders all get along in day to day life.

Sadly it is only in the interests of those in Government who want to make you all CONFLICTED – DIVIDED and VULNERABLE – so you NEED the help of those in CONTROL – this is effectively what is happening today across the world – we are seeing first hand a gradual decline into Communist, Socialist and then ultimately FACIST CONTROL over the entire worlds population.

Many of these CONFLICTS throughout History have been funded, created and sustained  by people in CONTROL – who simply want more CONTROL over the people of the world.

The oldest method used in the Colonisation tool box is to Fund two sides of a conflict in a target nation and then sit back and watch the people destroy each other – rebel factions or those not happy with a specific government are supplied with arms and weapons and encouraged to go and destroy the other side – throw in a few diseases and food shortages to make life miserable during the war, and then once both sides have fought themselves to exhaustion – those who funded the entire CONFLICT then move in and take over the nation – installing their rules, their people and their laws.

While in the past these tactics were used to take over small countries and then entire nations, the problem for Humanity is now these same tactics are being deployed to take over the world.

CREATE A CRISIS ( ISIS ) then sit back and watch the REACTION until your preplanned SOLUTION is Required.

We have seen this repeated time and time again throughout history.   Is it RIGHT – NO.

Are more and more people awake to this EVIL – YES.   Millions are now awake to this tyranny.

Humanity will always rise up and destroy EVIL – for even those CONTROLLED by and working for this EVIL are already SLAVES working under duress for these EVIL masters and no one under this form of CONTROL will ever be permitted to be FREE and INDEPENDENT.      Once they realise this they too will rebel and resist.

Never forget that any plan based on EVIL will FAIL – there will always be too much DECEIT, ANIMOSITY, JEALOUSLY, DISTRUST and RESENTMENT and ultimately even the most vulnerable PSYCHOPATH will rebel against such a system especially when there is no longer anything available to keep them under CONTROL.

Once there are no CONTROLS – Never forget a PSYCHOPATH Cannot be trusted – they LIE with IMPUNITY – so how can any new SOCIETY be created with such people – it cannot and that will be the demise of the entire plan.

A plan based on EVIL will FAIL.

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