HEGELIAN DIALECTIC – Problem – Reaction – Solution

You must learn this Hegelian Concept and apply it to EVERYTHING you are presented with in life.

Ask the Question – Cui Bono – Who BENEFITS from all this?

HEGELIAN DIALECTIC is a framework for GUIDING THOUGHTS and ACTIONS into CONFLICT that then LEADS to Synthetic Solutions – which can only be introduced once those being MANIPULATED take a SIDE that will advance the PRE-DETERMINED AGENDA.

Its a form of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION – Problem – Reaction – Solution or what today should more appropriately be called – CRISIS – CONFLICT – CONTROL.

In summary you are deliberately presented with two extremes of a subject – a Thesis and its Antithesis …forcing you to CHOOSE a side in direct conflict with the other.   ( Left – Right, Red – Blue, For – Against etc)

The Solution – the SYNTHESIS of the CONFLICT is already prepared waiting for you all to choose it.




In most cases the masses are totally unaware they are being lead to a pre-planned conclusion.

If you then understand the meaning of the word – SYNTHETIC – SYNTHESIS – the combining of two or more parts,  which implies being prepared or made artificially, in contrast to something occurring Naturally.


If we use the analogy of how best to decide where to cut a stick ( a facie )?

We have one group proposing we cut the right side and another group proposes we cut the left.

The Compromise is we cut the MIDDLE – to keep everyone happy.

The problem with this process if we take it to its natural conclusion, is that we ultimately end up with no stick left to cut!

Each time we use the Hegelian Dialectic to resolve a “PROBLEM” – we are “HALVING” our OPTIONS for the future each time we make a decision in this way.


ASTRO TURFING – is a new term used today = whereby a completely new and ARTIFICIAL baseline is installed over the Truth with a LIE – a Synthetic reality as to what was previously know to be  real held or factual.   Re-writing history is what it was previously known.

CONTROLLING – Arguements.

In any argument – if you want to WIN – it is important that you CONTROL the Argument – which is exactly why these events and subjects are DELIBERATELY created to get society into CONFLICT – Deliberately – to force you all to change.     Controlled opposition – controlling both sides of the argument.

Is this forced CHANGE good for you as a Human being?   Are you FREE and INDEPENDENT?

Are we seeing a lovely peaceful world being created for the people – through this change?

The answer to the question is self evident.

I fear the recent “Hampstead” Pedophile Ring Exposure in the UK – regardless of the TRUTH – is also being manipulated – a controlled conflict – to a pre-determined conclusion.

We have an epidemic being exposed around the world – Pedophiles in Power is a massive concern for humanity.

Look at what is happening or unfolding in any CRISIS – if you want to understand this process – CUI BONO – Who Benefits – look to see what comes out of it all and this will give you the answer as to who was behind it.

We are seeing the destruction of Christianity – Christian Values – Honesty – Truth – are under deliberate attack – that is a fact around the world.

Bloggers and the alternative media are under deliberate attack to destroy their credibility – this is a fact.

There are cover ups, suppression, delays in investigating numerous incidents of Sexual abuse and pedophilia by those in positions of power.

Yes even touching the hair of a young child who is not your own sibling is perverted and unacceptable.

We are seeing deliberate attempts to “NORMALIZE” Pedophilia and Immorality – and to make these actions more acceptable into future generations – An immoral Society is easier to CONTROL – because they have NO VALUES.

When you understand this, you can then see why certain people in power parade and encourage their own kids to expose themselves in promiscuous forms of “art” in the hope the masses will accept this and help normalise this as perfectly acceptable into future generations – making them more IMMORAL and easier to control.

If there is a desire to create a NWO – and it appears there is – then all existing “Normals” must be destroyed – that is a natural conclusion to make as we see many traditional values and institutions coming under direct attack and being symbolically and or physically Destroyed.

To do this you must gain total CONTROL over the people – Deprive them globally of Freedoms, Privacy, Property and make sure they are all POOR and unable to contest TRUTH in the Corrupted and unjust systems made available.    A war will do that just nicely – WAR is CONFLICT.

All current RELIGIONS = MUST BE DESTROYED before any NEW System can be introduced.

Complete CONTROL over PROPAGANDA ( News ) must also take place – hence the attacks on Alternative media and the Shutting down of Free speech using Legislation and increased SPYING and Depravations of PRIVACY.

If we consider the Controlled opposition that is Edward SNOWDEN – we can then see how the FEAR of SURVEILLANCE is being rolled out to the masses.

For anyone who has conducted Surveillance it is very labor intensive – even trying to follow ONE person is difficult – so the FEAR of being WATCHED needs to be purveyed rather than the reality.

To watch and monitor every single global citizen in real time would be IMPOSSIBLE of course until microchips are forced on you as the SOLUTION to another CRISIS – perhaps using the now legally “NOT a FAKE Abduction” after destroying the credibility of a decent and honest Policeman – when little Maddy McCann appears out of hiding with her Microchipped eyeball.   Yes millions are awake to this lie.

Certainly collecting and storing every citizens information is now a reality – to be used to destroy you at the time you  become too informed and awake to the LIES being propagated.

Infowars and Russel Brand – who interestingly both have links to and mention – Phil HICKS – are Controlled Opposition designed to IDENTIFY anyone who is INFORMED, DISSENTING and or AWAKE to the Tyranny.

The very meaning of the word – GOVERNMENT is TO CONTROL THE MIND. 

( from the Greek to Govern – Control and the Latin Mente – Mind.)

PROPAGANDA  by definition is “Official” government communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion. ( Control the MIND )

“Official” news will not be Bloggers in the future.

The information in Propaganda may be true or false, but it is always carefully selected for its political effect.


One type of mind control ( Govern – Control Mente – Mind) involves defeating LOGIC and or REASON as a method of thinking.

The ideal situation is to prevent rational logical “factual” analysis of TRUTH to get to a LOGICAL and RATIONAL conclusion or answer to a problem – this is simply NOT PERMITTED.

That would entail FREE THINKING and INDEPENDENCE – and we cant have that in the future.

So it’s no surprise that mind control attempts to introduce contradictions  ( opposites – the trick of the Devil ) into rational thinking processes – to CONFUSE you and prevent you from being LOGICAL.

You see this in Propaganda every day.


You are also seeing this in education where students are encouraged to “think” that working out solutions is too DIFFICULT – forcing them in the future to just accept what your told is the answer  – For example – Common Core maths is deliberately this – forcing students into long winded laborious calculations to get the most basic of answers.    Even the kids are awake to this fraud.    Its surprising to me just how awake the kids of the world are today to whats going on.

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