1. CONSPIRACY – a SECRET plan by a GROUP to do something unlawful or HARMFUL. So lets look carefully at this definition….

    Do we have people running around in SECRET – YES.
    Are they part of a GROUP – YES.
    Are they doing things Unlawful, or HARMFUL – YES.

    An INDIVIDUAL CAN NOT by definition be involved in a CONSPIRACY – you need more than ONE PERSON.

    The term “Conspiracy Theorist” – many now see this as a DEROGATORY TERM – used to Suppress those who speak the TRUTH. Its been over used by those wanting to HIDE the TRUTH.

    CRIMINALS do not want to get CAUGHT = and they will do anything to prevent being caught or exposed.

    They will also BULLY and INTIMIDATE or ENTRAP a person to assist in covering up their crimes.   FEAR plays a large part in preventing anyone from SPEAKING out and telling the TRUTH.

    Psychopaths will always Reverse Victim Offender Roles when CAUGHT – DARVO – which is exactly why a CRIMINAL caught in a CONSPIRACY will blame you for being the CONSPIRACY Theorist.

    There are REAL – GENUINE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES in play around the world – involving 3 or more people – which means a SINGLE person can not be a CONSPIRACY on his own.

    Secrecy is Deception – and you can only hide the TRUTH for so long…….problem today – its getting harder and harder to hide the TRUTH so now we see – Delays in taking complaints – Procrastination of court cases, suppression of news….and of course the SHILL the diversion tactic to steer people away … ostracise …this is the last bastion available to hide SECRETS…….

    It means people in power are panicking now – because MILLIONS are AWAKE to the LIE………the last ditch option of course will be to take the world to WAR in a last ditch effort to hide the TRUTH.

    Dont get drawn into the false narrative intended to Deliberately INCITE a REACTION and lead you to CONFLICT.    Another example of ENTRAPMENT.

    Why do you think Infowars and all these other manufactured news outlets are all pushing FEAR and INCITING a REACTION to a manufactured THREAT.

    In the case of the family courts – Fact of the matter is – FATHERS have been DELIBERATELY DEPRIVED of time with their CHILDREN – CHILDREN with No FATHERLY Protection or input in their lives – become Vulnerable later in life.

    Vulnerable children need protection from the State – more control – and thats exactly why they deliberately deprive fatherly input.    That is a FACT.

    As an individual parent who has experienced it first hand – I cannot therefore be labelled a Conspiracy Theorist as I make this statement independently and alone.

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