corporation is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally ( but NOT ) a person) and recognized as such in law. Early incorporated entities were established by charter (i.e. by an ad hoc act granted by a monarch or passed by a parliament or legislature).

So is this legally created entity capable of breathing?  NO

Is this legally created entity capable of having feelings? NO.

Could this legally created entity acting as a HUMAN capable of LOVE?  NO.

Could this entity have EMPATHY, REMORSE, COMPASSION, or CARE? NO.

By definition this non breathing, inanimate object is permitted to ACT as if it were a person – but it can’t and never will be able to have any human characteristics or emotions.

So our Ruling Monarchs – who are living breathing human beings – PEOPLE – who one would hope have feelings – they must have because laws and constitutions created by them were JUST and FAIR – have they mistakenly passed over their responsibilities to INHUMAN entities with legal permission to ACT as if they were HUMAN.

As you read this page – you will then see why a CORPORATION is unable to have feelings, unable to love, has no humility, has no compassion no remorse and is driven by PROFIT and nothing but PROFIT.

It may be legally permitted to ACT as if it were a person – but it is also definitely acting like a PSYCHOPATH – with NO HUMILITY, NO COMPASSION and NO REMORE and is by definition exactly a PSYCHOPATH.

If you can grasp this concept as a HUMAN BEING – you will then see why you HUMAN RIGHTS are being extinguished.    If you put a NON HUMAN in charge – what did you expect?


A couple of personal stories for you all.  

The Truth from my perspective as a Real PERSON and as yet not manipulated by any trolls or dis-info agents…

When I was in the police as a Detective I arrested and had contact with some very nasty people – when I say nasty they were human beings who had committed some very horrible crimes against other human beings.

I always made an effort to speak with these people and to treat them as human beings.

One such interview stood out – a man who was extremely violent and uncaring towards other human beings – had full facial tattoos and was what most people would perceive to be a really bad criminal.

Two things came out of the discussion we both had.

1. He wanted to change his life – but as he said – because of the way he looked and was perceived there was NO WAY he could get ahead and make any positive changes for himself – and ultimately for society.

2. When I asked what happened to him – how did he end up like this – his reply was that he had NEVER BEEN LOVED – NO ONE ever CARED for him when he was young.


I was often praised – because I could wear a suit and negotiate contracts with professionals in board rooms across the world, but conversely I could also communicate and empathise with staff on the shop floor just as well.

The company grew because of this – because of PEOPLE and the acceptance of their importance in making the entire operation successful.

We also grew because as a people driven business because we were able to react quicker than a corporation, we competed and beat down corporations for business, we challenged things, invented things, improved things, and innovated efficiently over every corporate controlled entity we came up against.

The person who took over my company – clearly did not have any of these PEOPLE skills – he would never have been able to create the business in the way it had grown because he was NOT a people person – he was driven by corporate profits over looking after people.     He was the product of a corporation.

When I sold my company – the first thing to change was the structure of the company – instead of names of Human beings representing each branch – the new CORPORATE structure was installed which removed every living breathing HUMAN and replaced each of them with a Corporate Title – a non human Description.

This always bugged me – and I guess looking back it exemplifies what is wrong with the world today – we are creating – deliberately or not – a world which has lost touch with its HUMILITY.

For example – Our Police in NZ is now run as a CORPORATION – driven by Revenue collection – when it used to be a SERVICE to PEOPLE.

We are seeing changes to the worlds nations – with the systematic removal of CONSTITUTIONS and BILLS of RIGHTS – which were for PEOPLE – replaced with CORPORATE structures and CORPORATE CONTRACTS which share NO HUMUAN Values whatsoever.

Throw in a few Psychopaths who have NO HUMILITY, NO HUMAN Emotion, NO EMPATHY, and NO REMORSE and you can see clearly we have a very big concern looming for HUMANITY as we currently know it.

Spying for the Corporation becomes the weapon of control over Humans.

We are seeing this now – spying is actually being used to seek out any human who stands up for their HUMAN rights.

It is also being used to provide the fabricated EXCUSE to force more corporate controls and compliance on humanity.

It is also being used for “commercial advantage” so the corporation can gain control over all commerce in the future.

Entrapment and enforcement become tools to destroy Humans in protection of the Corporate Entity.

But Corporations are NOT HUMAN – they have NO FEELINGS – NO HUMILITY – NO CARE.

Now this affects EVERYONE – Every single Human being of all nations, races and religions – we are all being moved from HUMAN management systems to CORPORATE controls which share no HUMAN VALUES at all.

Does this concern you?   Because if you CARE – it should.


A CORPORATION I worked with in NORWAY was managed by PEOPLE and what was interesting – every person working for this company received the SAME Salary – so the toilet cleaner was on the same wage as the CEO.

I could not believe this when the CEO told me.

“Why” is this IMPORTANT? – because here was a CORPORATION with HUMAN BEINGS in CONTROL.

REAL living breathing HUMAN beings all having a COLLECTIVE say in how the CORPORATION was managed and controlled.  For the benefit of HUMAN BEINGS = not for the benefit of the ACTING person, the non living Corporate entity.

This is also very important because it demonstrates that a sterile inhuman CORPORATION does not need to be run without Human feelings, care and input.   It CAN BE DONE and this is the model.

Could any of us ever believe such a system could be ushered into NZ – where currently CEO’s are paid excessive sums to do what is demanded of them – ( more profits at all costs ) – while the staff are all treated as slaves on minimal wage with no care or compassion in sight.

I have worked undercover in NZ Govt run businesses and to my horror – these are the worst managed companies I have ever seen – with the lowest levels of staff CARE and REMUNERATION.

These same companies had the WORST Health and Safety systems and the worst management practices that I had ever seen.

You would think Govt owned and managed organisations were setting the standards for everyone to follow – the reality as I reported was directly the opposite.

They were some of the worst run businesses I had ever seen.

So if you place a non living, breathing entity in charge – give it legal status to ACT as a person can you now see why you are not getting any HUMAN responses?    You NEVER WILL.   NOT EVER and this must change if HUMANITY and HUMAN BEINGS are to get some control back and be able to live as HUMAN BEINGS.

Are you a HUMAN BEING?

Perhaps this is WHY…….WHY are we being RULED with NO HUMILITY – NO HUMANITY.

Its obvious that these “corporate interests” are working to deliberately hide information they do not want lots of people to become aware of.

Everyone in the world has noticed how we are losing so many HUMAN RIGHTS – Changes to Constitutions in secret, Changes to BILL of RIGHTS and removal of the RIGHT to DUE PROCESS – removal of rights to PRIVACY, RIGHTS to FREEDOM, RIGHTS to OWN PROPERTY…..these are all HUMAN RIGHTS.

It is my contention this is all coming about because we are no longer RULED BY PEOPLE – as we once were – if RULED by PEOPLE you have HUMAN RIGHTS – because those Rulers are living breathing human beings……

So what has changed – and more concerning – WHY is there more change on the way????

I believe its because – “CORPORATIONS” now rule over you – A corporation may be legally permitted to ACT as a PERSON – an inanimate “HUMAN BEING” – but it is NOT a HUMAN BEING – A Corporation does not BREATH, it Does not have feelings or emotions and it certainly has NO HUMILITY – if you understand this = you can see that if we are now ruled by an INANIMATE NON LIVING ENTITY – Legally ACTING as if it were a PERSON – PRETENDING to be HUMAN – then you should all be able to see why this entity will NEVER GIVE out HUMAN RIGHTS = because it is NOT HUMAN…….

I worked in the POLICE =- when they were a PUBLIC SERVICE to PEOPLE – Today – the POLICE is a CORPORATION driven by PROFIT – if you start to understand this – then and only then will you see why HUMAN rights are being taken away… non human enterprises.

And it will only get worse when the CORPORATION – the NON HUMAN ACTING as a person = owns all the JAILS for example – that privately owned Corporate Jail will demand MORE PROFIT – which infers more CUSTOMERS – and similarly with Corporate owned Social Services which demand PROFIT over providing SERVICES…….

This affects EVERYONE – even those “people” defending and working for the CORPORATION – the NON HUMAN ENTITY…..I say “People” working for Corporations – as opposed to HUMAN BEINGS – because they have become like the corporation – the non caring, non living, legal entity ACTING as if it were a PERSON.

This I believe is the Concern facing all living HUMAN BEINGS = regardless of Race, Gender, Religion.

A link to a story I read after posting this below….which identifies exactly some of the problems we all face as Human beings.

Do we want to LIVE or do we want its OPPOSITE – EVIL?




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