The one thing you MUST protect, and defend like your very life depends on it is your CREDIBILITY, CHARACTER, REPUTATION and INTEGRITY.

The FIRST thing which comes under attack when you try and hold a Government to account or give evidence in court – is your CREDIBILITY, CHARACTER REPUTATION and INTEGRITY.

As an example – Child Abuse cases in the UK right now are Epidemic – many people in high places are being investigated and or caught out having been involved in child abuse.

In wales there was a Pedophile Ring Exposed – and what has now sprung up out of this is a ground swell of historical complaints by many victims.

So what has sprung up to counter this?   A new group has been formed claiming they are victims of FALSE Complaints and allegations.    So the theme which will get all the press will be the inference that many complaints are FAKE.

I believe one of these groups has been established for that very reason – to divert attention – to cover up and try and discredit the many victims now coming forward with historical complaints which involved directly – people in power.

You will find in many cases of Child Abuse that CHILDREN – never if ever LIE – for they do not know how to LIE.

It is for example VERY RARE for CHILDREN to LIE about being ABUSED.

How does all this relate to ENTRAPMENT?

Again we see FALSE stories, STRAWMAN tactics being inserted into events to discredit people who show CARE and COMPASSION for a serious crime involving Child Victims.

We also see around the world deliberate attempts to destroy ALL current RELIGIONS.   For there is a desire to have ONE WORLD RELIGION in the future.

Its interesting in a case I have been following in England – the Whistelblower kids case, that the central character offering up the evidence is called ABRAHAM.  

ABRAHAM – originally ABRAM is the FIRST of the three biblical patriarchs.   His story told in chapters 11 through 25 of the book of Genesis plays a prominent role as the Patriarch in JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM.

Notice the new Terminator movie is called ” Genesis”.

So for the “Truth” teller to be called ABRAHAM is no COINCIDENCE – I mentioned in an early post on their BLOG that I had my doubts right at the start as to whether the case was going to be used to discredit those searching for the TRUTH, and so to bring down a character like ABRAHAM – or the people supporting him – you attack directly the THREE PRIMARY Religions in one hit – very clever.   Notice also that the School in question is CHRIST CHURCH School.

So to create a story line where a person named ABRAHAM is the one offering up the EVIDENCE of Child Abuse, and then ultimately have this man FALL when the story is proven to be false or evidence is introduced to suggest it was fake all along, then the CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY and REPUTATIONS of ALL those who showed CARE and COMPASSION towards the affected Children will be discredited – ENTRAPPED and FRAMED to take a fall.

Its also no coincidence that a Child “VICTIM” portrayed in this story is named “GABRIEL” Gabriel was one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition. He appears in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, where he serves as the announcer of the births of John to Zechariah and Jesus to Mary. According to Islamic tradition he was the angel who dictated the Qur’an to Muhammad.

We are seeing this all too often now with fake stories, and fake discussions on matters which will at some point will be proven to be FALSE – to deliberately discredit all those who were engaging in these discussions and or these web sites……I am sure you know all to well the discussions I am talking about.     I’d go as far as to say, if you even have history of watching or viewing these sites they will try and paint you as a nut job.


What is really disturbing is that many of these stories being PLANTED are very good – they DELIBERATELY draw you in because they appear REAL, and INTERESTING – and they all play on HUMAN EMOTIONS of CARE and CONCERN.

There are also a number of web sites deliberately trying to draw you into CONFLICT or to stimulate you into CONFLICT.

If we add into this mix the new internet laws preventing anyone saying or publishing anything that could harm someone – this is yet another direct protection preventing those in power from being identified online for crimes they may have been involved in.  It shuts down free speech and the spreading of news – disclosures about a person who has done WRONG and wants it covered up.

Worse still – even if the case were true – and false information is deliberately offered up in support – and then presented as “TRUE”, and it can later be proven to be DEFAMATORY and False, then the person posting it or administering the web site will be liable for conviction and or legal action.

So even a real event can be manipulated and seeded with a false story to destroy and discredit those talking about it.

Just another DIRTY tactic by Intelligence staff looking to FRAME someone.  Entrap them and Discredit them.

There are many now offering up these FAKE stories to all designed to DISCREDIT – YOU.

While we are on this subject its also important to know that the legalising of drugs is also long term designed to destroy your Credibility, character, integrity and reputation.    Its also why you see Police today arresting or ticketing you for the most minor of infractions – because ultimately its an attack on you as a human being – a direct attack on your credibility, character, integrity, and reputation

Another trick is to offer help for DEPRESSION – DO NOT buy into this – its another trap to get you to admit you are DEPRESSED, MENTALLY unwell – which directly affects your CREDIBILITY – FOR EVER………

Notice how they have celebrities confessing to their life with DEPRESSION and ANXIETY and the associated ILLNESS.  This is all a CON JOB to get you entrapped into admitting you had these feelings or are suffering from an ILLNESS that the state needs to treat your for – or control you with.

Your REPUTATION is all you have in LIFE – protect it like your very life depends on it – once its gone its gone forever.

I have been subjected to just about every tactic imaginable over the last few years – and still I see – they keep inventing new ways to try and destroy you…..

So Human beings be very careful out there because the MOST PRECIOUS thing you have – is your LIFE, your CREDIBILITY INTEGRITY CHARACTER and REPUTATION.

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