Working hand in glove with Entrapment – is Defamation.

You see the game in play – is all about destroying you – your credibility, your reputation and your integrity – so that NO ONE will ever believe what you have to say.

A classic from the deceitful’s tool box is to try and DEFAME you or Convict you for DEFAMING them.

Remember this point – its a two way street – defamation works both ways – which also means you can use it against them.

Defamation—also calumny, vilification, and traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation as well as other various kinds of defamation that retaliate against groundless criticism.

One of the biggest concerns facing Humanity today, is that Governments will protect their integrity and reputation at all costs -even when they clearly get things wrong – even at the expense of destroying many good people who simply ask for Mistakes to be remedied.

For if you demand justice – then you will be subjected to ENTRAPMENT and DEFAMATION and of course an increase in Surveillance – you become an enemy of the state and a threat to national security – simply because you have dared to ask for a WRONG to be CORRECTED.

This is ALL that is happening here – there are of course no terrorists to fear – other than those who have corrupted power and used Entrapment, Intimidation and Control to destroy good people.

Much of the additional security and spying forced on us today is simply being installed to keep an eye on those who try and expose the mistakes of government.

There are many more people demanding answers today than in the past – especially since information is more freely available now than it has ever been in history.


ENTRAPMENT – Defamation examples.

Yet another form of ENTRAPMENT  – Destruction of Reputation by planting false or misleading stories or allegations – and using Bloggers to deliver them……
which we saw last year down here in NZ during our elections 
BLOGGERS were deliberately fed information – to destroy candidates in opposition – but also to even destroy prospective candidates within some of their own parties…….yes we had cases of this……infighting…..taking out those not wanted using bloggers.
Bloggers were DELIBERATELY thrown information to discredit good people – 
This had a two fold result – it obviously resulted in certain good people being destroyed politically but it also ultimately cast a bad light on the Bloggers who were used for this purpose….
So Bloggers were deliberately given a bad name – so as to shut them down as a source of reliable and approved ” NEWS”…….DELIBERATELY discredit BLOGGERS by using BLOGGERS to do the dirty work – Entrapping and destroying good people not wanted in power – those manipulating them have literally killed two birds with one stone…..clever you have to admit.
Remember Bloggers or the alternative media are not wanted as approved purveyors of the official news or propaganda in the future so they must be discredited.


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