The large gregarious “german” who just happens to personify the Internet..after all… the very word DOTCOM is the Internet.

At first we see him publicly Persecuted by the state, which made him a messiah – a saviour as he garners sympathy and support from the public, as well as hatred by others – a perfect division of people,  before he then has to fall on his sword and become a pariah towards the end…..still playing the victim… which as we know holds the most power….over people…..

Lets also not forget the introduction of the “evil” and “corrupted”  Villain to further distract the eager crowd.

The “Ugly Beast” representing all bloggers were exposed for disseminating a tortured and not to be trusted news – a tool used only by those who are corrupted and wanting to further denigrate those in power.

This to be outlawed into the future.

And the climax – is still in progress but without giving it all away – it has been wonderfully put together and well staged for future generations to enjoy into old age.

Shakespeare would have been proud of such a wonderful script.



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