I was a police officer for 11 years and I was often warned by good senior officers – to be careful when dealing with informants and criminals – not to create a situation where I could be held liable for ENTRAPMENT.   This was great advice for a young detective still learning the ropes.

And I want it noted – this advice was given to me by GOOD HONEST Senior Police Officers.

Sadly we are seeing many GOOD officers being systematically removed from service – retired EARLY – in both the POLICE and the MILITARY  – because they were GOOD and HONEST.  

If you want to run a corrupt system – you cant have good people working for you.


If we look at the recent Biker Shooting in WACO – there are some disturbing aspects now starting to emerge.

HEAD SHOTS – One concern I immediately have are the number of deaths by HEAD SHOT, or neck in a couple of instances.

SNIPERS – they train to Shoot to kill by aiming at the head.   We know for a fact there were Police SNIPERS in location before this event happened – does this raise some concerns?

UKRAINE – again we saw head shots by SNIPERS  – killing leaders and even Police in the crowd – SNIPERS now identified as coming from agitators in the crowd to create conflict and an excuse for war.

New Orleans – We also know there were stories by Chris Kyle who claimed he shot people in the head as a SNIPER during the New Orleans Disaster.   Did he say too much?

Several of the deaths at WACO – were to people sitting on their BIKES – the bikes have fallen over after they were shot – this is also a concern from what I have seen because you cant be “FIGHTING” if your sitting on a BIKE.

BIKERS openly fighting in front of police?  Yeh Right.   I have seen this concern from both sides – as a police officer and as a rider in a group of bikers – the one thing NO ONE wants is to be CAUGHT if they do wrong.  This is human nature.  So if your surrounded by ARMED POLICE – snipers and the like, the last thing you are going to do is cause a scene so that you are arrested, thrown in jail and CAUGHT doing WRONG.    This goes against HUMAN NATURE.

Ive seen the reaction of people when police are around – both as a police officer and as a member of a group of bikers – everyone is more vigilant and more conscious of being GOOD.

I would say more likely in this WACO concern – there was an agitator in the crowd – who deliberately caused a problem so as to justify a response from police – ENTRAPMENT ……this seems to be the tactic of choice today to create conflict that needs attending to.     Undercover agents I am sure were on scene at this event = especially since it was a concern for authorities before it even began.

Mainstream media are now ramping up the rhetoric – making associations between criminals and Bikers, and also between Bikers and the Television series “Sons of Anarchy” – which was very popular and then suggesting there will be concerns with Bikers v the Police ( govt ) in the future.

Unfortunately by watching this television drama you are now by association labelled as someone who could have anti establishment views – because that is what was portrayed in the show – armed criminal bikers causing death and destruction in society and who were openly anti government and police.

CONFLICT CREATIONCR(ISIS) all this leads to events which stimulate CONFLICT – or potential conflict between nasty criminal bikers and the police ( govt ).

They have sown the seed with this WACO event  and how it is being portrayed – that there is now potential for a growing BIKER war between Police and the Government because of these killings.

“BIKERS” would be foolish to do anything of the sort = they are not stupid, so this is a fabrication.

The best thing for all BIKERS to do now – would be to get on the road in numbers and show society you are good people.  ( Notice how currently they are asking BIKERS to stay off the road ).

Its all looking like this very incident will be used to ENTRAP good people and take away more rights – rights to own property ( guns included ) and rights to associate and be FREE.

Already we see that many of those arrested had NO PREVIOUS CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS.

I have been on many Bike runs over many years in NZ and across the USA and they have all been very pleasant events with NO TROUBLE.    Nothing.

Sturgis twice, Smokeouts in North Carolina, riding coast to coast several times and 48 states now visited and not one concern in over ten years of riding.  Just good people wanting to be FREE and INDEPENDENT.

Many BIKERS today – in fact the majority on the road are a good mixture of middle aged men and woman all seeking FREEDOM – from serving or ex police and military, lawyers, accountants, plumbers, carpenters, CEO’s to store men – everyone is equal on the road, on a bike dressed in leather – and thats the attraction – there are no pretences on the road.

You are befriended in the “Biker” world for who you are not for what you own.

We are seeing many social groups being targeted for CONFLICT today – incited into CONFLICT – Religious groups are under attack, Social groups like Bikers – who gather in numbers are also being targeted and led into CONFLICT.

And lets not forget to mention the Fake Terrorists – ISIS ( CR(ISIS) ) also being used to stir up FEAR and CONFLICT – Globally so as to justify another war.   Millions are awake to this fraud.

What is interesting is that many of these people who ride motorcycles also enjoy freedom and liberties – they are all very strong willed – free and independent people in their own right.  They are Not people who easily submit to Injustice, tyranny or corruption.

These meetings which have become the focus of attention were used as forums to discuss Rights and Freedoms.  Why should this be a concern?   Are people no longer permitted to be free and independent?

Strong willed People – individuals with character and integrity are Not easily CONTROLLED – hence the need to suppress them, demonise them and take away their rights and freedoms.

Just as was done in the 1950’s 1960’s and 1970’s portraying the evil BIKER as a threat to society.   Its all been done before!

We know there were links to official Propaganda in the movie EASY RIDER for example – and the WILD ONE – Movies created and used for the same reasons – to give FREEDOM a BAD NAME – until HONDA came along……and upset that portrayal with ” You meet the nicest people on a HONDA”

So was “SONS of ANARCHY” another Project created or manipulated to give BIKERS and FREEDOM lovers a BAD NAME in 2015?    I think so.

They are deliberately drawing comparisons between motorcyclists and this television show and the characters – the FICTION it presents – trying desperately to pigeon hole all those who ride bikes as being Criminals and threats to social order.

The horror today is that in many cases the biggest threat to peace and harmony in society are some of the very people we thought were there to protect it.

Same game plan as we saw in the 1950’s. and the 1960 and 1970’s again just as we were taken into WAR.

CRISIS – CONFLICT – CONTROL = again and again and again.


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