There is a Deliberate program in play to CREATE CONFLICT between parents.   Another form of Entrapment.

My Direct experience was that their was DELIBERATE “PROVOCATION” directed at me to REACT so as to get me convicted or charged with a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE offence!!!!!

There was NO CARE – NO Consideration for my child, but there was a deliberate calculated attempt to PROVOKE, INTIMIDATE RIDICULE or INCITE me to REACT so as to destroy my character and credibility.

It was successful in destroying my CONFIDENCE and forcing me to live life worried about where the next false allegation was going to come from.

“PROVOCATION” was MADE LEGAL in NZ – it was previously a DEFENCE if you were provoked or incited to react – since that time PROVOCATION has become the weapon of choice to INCITE CONFLICT – and get PARENTS ENTRAPPED so they can be destroyed.

This is DELIBERATE – why else would a system encourage it and permit this to run rampant in our Society – destroying PARENTS and CHILDREN – I say again – this is DELIBERATE. Its been permitted to continue so as to generate CONFLICT.

I have launched a campaign to END ENTRAPMENT – and make this a CRIMINAL OFFENCE – we can add PROVOCATION and ALIENATION to this list of actions that need to be CRIMINALISED – so they CAN NOT be used to create CONFLICT.

After ten years in this Totally Corrupted ” SECRET” Family court and child support systems – I can now see why it is all shrouded in SECRECY.


I list a summary below of my direct concerns and why the following Govt Departments REFUSED to investigate my concerns :   Human Rights Commission, Privacy Commission, Ombudsmans office.

1. I have been married for over 12 years now to the most lovely woman – we have two children together.

2. My first relationship ended – at first relatively amicably – two people deciding to go their separate ways – with my only request being – please never stop me seeing my child – to which there was agreement and comments – I would NEVER stop you.

Property settlements were made – generously – a freehold home and significant money in the bank so as to be able to move on with a new life.

Child Maintenance was paid at the maximums as I had a good job at the time with additional payments made over and above this to assist in the child’s needs.

3. Entrapment – Provocation and Conflict escalation – the tactic of the family court and its officers begins.

4. Parental Alienation – became an active tool used to deliberately deprive me of time with my child and to ensure that any time I did have was unpleasant, fractured and distressed.

There are some 26 points which Define Parental Alienation and we ( my wife and I ) have been subjected to all but 3 of these tactics.   The only thing I was never accused of was Sexual Abuse – but everything else was attempted and used against me.

The child has TWO psychological reports by the family court appointed Psychologist – detailing the Severe Psychological harm caused by this Alienation – by the mother – and yet nothing to date has ever been done to protect the child from this harm or help prevent it.

5. Provocation to react – there have been multiple events over ten years – all documented – where provocation has been levelled at me to react – this became a constant in my life – lies, false accusations, defamatory comments about me,  – were all levelled at me to get me to react – violently it seems so that I could be labelled a Domestic Violence Offender.

Fortunately for me I have never reacted.

In one example of many – I was set up in the public car park of a shopping mall , as I went to uplift my child.

Screaming and accusations commenced as I received the child – that a MAN ( me ) was stealing the CHILD –

I was there to uplift the child legitimately in a negotiated agreement presented through lawyers by the mother.

The police were called, and they fortunately saw through the charade and let me continue with my child.

The very next day ex parte applications were lodged seeking Violence orders, and non Molestation orders – under urgency and without notice in attempts to have me labelled as a domestic Violence offender – only permitted to see my child UNDER SUPERVISION.

All applications were thrown out because I was alerted to these applications and was able to file objections at very short notice.

6. I have evidence of the lawyer for child – directly witnessing many of these concerns – yet when I challenged him he stated it was not his job to intervene and help prevent it – he was only there to protect PROCESS – his words as he talked about his client who was being harmed.

The child was also being used to spy on our family – causing the child much distress – yet this according to our privacy and human rights commissioners is all perfectly acceptable.

7.  Court orders to see your own child – are not worth the paper they are written on.

I applied for and was awarded court orders to see my own child at huge expense and a great deal of time to me.

After many breaches  we struck another Right on Christmas – On the handover date defined in these orders were not adhered to by the mother – I asked CYFS to help me uplift the child – they refused to assist.

I asked the Police to help Enforce a court order to uplift my child – they wanted to help but stated they were now restricted and I needed to uplift a WARRANT from the Family court to uplift the child.

Go apply for time fast being lost to history at a time when most parents according to police have the same concerns and the police are inundated with similar calls of breaches and refusals to hand over kids.

We applied for the warrant – had to complete the applications ourselves as it was in the middle of Christmas Holidays – we drove an hour across town to file the papers – the registrar checked them and had us amend several mistakes – the papers were filed and the judge – THREW the application out – stating they were not filed in the correct format.

How difficult can this be – it was his Court order that was breached – the child was not in our care – we had the police standing by to assist us and they judge threw it out.   A total sham.

Meanwhile all our Christmas holiday plans were now destroyed – we were left decimated by this entire event.

So my question then is – where do GOOD PARENTS go when the systems and services we seek help from refuse on every level to help.

Thats right – most parents end up taking the law into there own hands and that is why NZ has such a high level of Domestic Violence in our Society.

Sadly for my wife and I and the child , after trying to do the right thing – we found the only way to make it easier for everyone was to have less time with the child.   How sick is this?  Thats your only option to try and make things better.

Seeing the child became most unpleasant and distressful for all concerned and this sadly is all by design.

This is all DELIBERATE – it is all by design.  To destroy you and your contact with your children.

There is much more to this case – so much more and I will expand on the next sequel – which will horrify most good parents.

How the system then targets your family and your personal property for Seizure based on Secret Warrants and unjust decisions which go against all the laws of Natural Justice and Fairness.

I also want to make this point in closing – this is not about mum and dad, father and mother – this sick system is destroying kids and parents alike – regardless of gender.

The concerns I raise here is something all PARENTS need to understand and demand change for the better.


  1. I look forward to the rest of your saga,everything you said is right on the nose,the system fails, dads give up or go to jail trying,the family court does nothing but destroy the lives of fathers that love there kids. The PAS mother uses the family court as a pedestool,feeding off the leaches who drum up all the usual tactics. Most cases are born out of jealousy,although dad has been told to fuck off a thousand times,when he does finally find a partner all hell breaks loose,a typical way to save face and justify the escalated barrage of shit is to tell anyone who will listen that Dads cheated ! Talking themselves into the fact is echoed by support groups.
    When it’s obvious,mum is using the kids as her blunt weapon of choice the stats make up 70percent of cases,but the family court still allows a bitter,twisted and venomous mum to play out her charade,sick and fucken weird but oh so true .


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