I posted these points on a parents web site and I had UNANIMOUS AGREEMENT that these are the very concerns which must change if we are to help PARENTS and CHILDREN in a positive way.

If you agree please make comment and add your name to this list of demands for positive change and please share this link. This list can then become a petition if it receives the required support.

1. Family court Secrecy – a major concern for justice involving parents and children.   Secrecy is Deception.
2. Parental alienation ( PAS ) – is now defined as Child Abuse in the USA – but not here in NZ.  PAS must become a criminal offence in NZ.
3. The Family Court System is deliberately Causing harm to children – by allowing PAS to flourish – if kids are harmed by parental alienation then it must carry consequences against officers of the family courts who encourage this and refuse to deter it.
4. Provocation – provocation and or entrapment to incite conflict needs to be criminalised. This tactic is in play everyday where good parents are forced into conflict by being provoked – usually by way of false allegations or through the refusal to permit time with a child.  ( Provocation was once a legal Defence and has now been removed resulting in this tactic thriving in the family courts – this was not an accident. )

5. lawyer for Child = There needs to be a new offence against lawyers for child  who refuse to intervene and PROTECT his or her client if they see harm being caused – If they see PAS and ignore it for example.  I had this where the lawyer for child stated it was NOT his concern as he was only there to protect process…….not protect the child from harm.
6. Perjury – this offence appears to have been forgotten and is never enforced – if you make false allegations and can not support them with facts you must be arrested and charged with deterrent penalties.
7. Court orders – must be enforceable by the POLICE – no more having to go back to court to get a warrant to enforce an order – the police are there 24/7 to act as needed…….the system is quick to lock good parents up for breaches of all other orders – so breaching a court order by refusing to hand over kids must carry equal weight.   The Police are inundated with these concerns because the system currently prevents them from helping parents and so is vicariously actively encouraging PAS.

8. Pedophiles and Psychopaths – we as PARENTS must demand that no pedophile or sexual offender is permitted to hold office over family court proceedings – ( or parliament for that matter ) because there is now sufficient evidence being exposed to suggest there have been people in power who were sexual offenders and or pedophiles – psychopaths and or both.

As parents we must demand Full Character reference checks and disclosure of any criminal history of those presiding over Family court or the judiciary.

9.  SUCIDE and HARVESTING of BABY PARTS for PROFIT – we have a sickness in society – we have psychopaths in power who have no care, humility or compassion – MEN are Dying in NZ by SUICIDE – at a rate higher than the national road toll.  Many FARMERS are Committing SUICIDE given the economic concerns and this is largely unreported across NZ.

Is this Deliberate?  Is this the legal means by which MEN are removed from society – once they have delivered children or as we see a push to change the ownership of NZ Farms?

We have another concern were young girls in NZ are being secreted away for ABORTIONS without their parents knowledge, many girls are left STERILE afterwards.   In the US Planned Parenting have just been caught SELLING Aborted BABY PARTS for PROFIT.

If you want to change the CULTURE of a country by deception – simply target mothers and prevent them from having BABIES making profit from the Aborted child along the way and as for the FATHERS – simply allow the men to die off in large numbers by suicide – after deliberately preventing FATHERS from seeing their kids, destroying them financially, and isolating them from their friends and family.    That sounds like the sick plan of a psychopath and those wanting to FORCE change.

keep the concerns in focus – and demand positive change.

If I have missed anything then please submit a concern and I will include it the focus points noted –

I will keep this list visible and make it a target that ALL PARENTS must seek to achieve – for in every story from parents we see the same concerns arising time and time again –  the same concerns shared by mums and dads…… NOT let the system divide us all for that is what the system wants – divide and rule.

Its important that all PARENTS keep focused on the reason we have PROBLEMS…….these points must be addressed before we even start to discuss the corruption of power in some circles and those acting for commercial gain instead of helping parents and children in a positive way.

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