Our lovely planet heats up and cools down – NATURALLY.

We surely must all agree that the Sun is what gives us NIGHT and DAY.

The Earth Rotating on its AXIS is what gives us NIGHT and DAY.

Either we are in SUN or we are not.  Hot or Cold.

If the Earth was Rotating on its AXIS without INCLINATION ( Not Tilted towards the sun as it is ) we would see 12 hour days and 12 hour nights equally around the planet – all year round – much like we see at the Equator today.

But the earths AXIS is inclined ( tilted ) currently by 23 degrees 27 minutes – the plane of the Equator to which the earths AXIS is perpendicular makes this angle with the Ecliptic and the INCLINATION Angle of the Ecliptic is called the Obliquity of the Ecliptic.

We have three ( 3 ) motions of our planet –

1. Its Rotation Around its own Axis.   This gives us NIGHT and DAY.   Cold or Hot

2. Its Annual Journey Round the Sun.   This gives us SEASONS

3. A Slow CONICAL Motion of the AXIS made in such a manner as to retain almost the same Inclination to the plane of its orbit.   ( the earth Wobbles ).

This PERIODIC OSCILLATION occupies a little less than 19 years. – which ALTERNATELY slightly INCREASES and then slightly DIMINISHES the INCLINATION angle of the earth.

So if we had NO angle of INCLINATION ( NO TILT ) we would have 12 hour days and 12 hour nights of Equal Length, which would mean EQUAL HEATING and COOLING by the sun – all year round.

Because we DO have this ANGLE of INCLINATION which INCREASES and DECREASES in 19 year cycles we see different length days and nights around the world – and this is what causes CHANGES to the HEATING and COOLING of the EARTH.

It has NOTHING to do with CARBON.

This OSCILLATORY MOTION is called the NUTATION of the EARTHS AXIS and was discovered by BRADLEY – the 3rd Astronomer ROYAL in the year 1747.

So the earth goes through 19 year cycles where it heats up and cools down due to these oscillatory motions around the SUN.

On top of this the INCLINATION is also subject to a very slow progressive DIMINUTION – this is caused by planetary action – so 2000 years ago the Inclination was 23 degrees 42 minutes – it is currently when this book – Horners Astronomy – was written in 1944 – 23 degrees 27 minutes and 9000 years hence according to professor Newcomb it will be only 22 degrees 35 minutes after which it will slowly Increase again.

So over thousands of years the earths angle of inclination changes – its tilt is currently REDUCING which will cause a gradual HEATING period – in conjunction we have the 19 year heating and cooling cycles due to the Earths “Wobble” around its axis.

So to simplify this – not only does the earth have 19 year cycles due to its wobble of heating and cooling, but it also has long periods of change to the angle of INCLINATION which results in the world having DECREASING TILT for a long period of time – and then it gradually INCREASES its TILT…….as described above.

Get a BALL – Hold a torch shining in the same spot – the middle ( equator ) – then “wobble” the ball at the top and watch the light move up and down – either towards the pole or away from it…….heating and cooling the ice caps.

CARBON= CARBON is the very source of LIFE – it is the MOST ABUNDANT ELEMENT in the UNIVERSE – so given this – it matters not how much is in the atmosphere.      Carbon IS NOT causing the EARTH to HEAT and or COOL.



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