We are all shaped by the people we meet and the experiences we have as we live our lives.

Below is a list in no particular order of the MEN and WOMEN who have influenced me in my life.

These are People who I have worked with, been taught by, played sports with or shared social interactions and friendships.

Without Question my most lovely wife – who has been the most lovely mother to our two daughters.

My wife has and always will be the best of all that is my life.

1. John Graham – my headmaster – one of the great men – a truly brilliant leader and teacher of young men.  Always called you by name – not sure if that was a good thing for me or not – was always there to guide you when and if you had any trouble as I did in my early years – when I had to deal to a school yard bully and put him in his place.   In return I made sure when his son joined the police that I took him under my wing and gave him all the assistance and encouragement I could.

2. Ian McKinlay – Deputy headmaster at the time – who took me under his wing and encouraged me to excel in cricket – playing Ellerslie Premiers – playing and being coached by Wolf Slack and Ian Gould.

3. Marci Nui – a fine police officer, confident and general good man.   Was my boss in Onehunga and later in General and Vice Squads.

4. Peter Jenkinson – my Chief Inspector – sound and usually gruff and direct with good advice when needed.  Peter went on to work with SIS after he left the police.   Funnily enough when I made headlines for offering the ham sandwich to a not so pleasant customer of the police – it was Jenks that suggested I should have saved myself all the bother and dealt to him another way……

5. Keith Brady – a meticulous to detail investigator – one of the most HONEST men I have known.   By the book.

6. Pat Keir – a brilliant boss, confident and a good laugh after work when needed to relieve the stress- sadly taken from us way too early.

7. Shamus Ohalloran – just a very good man – with solid principals and sound values – has been a very good friend to our family for many years.

8. Jack Simms – Kancho – Sensei  – taught me much about patience and not reacting to provocation or intimidation.  These skills stood the test of time when in the police and confronted with conflict and violence.   Talking down a situation always worked better than enflaming a problem.

9. Phil Whitham – Whetu – just a very good man.

10. Rex Polglaze – our instructor 103 wing – taught us all so much in the early informative days in training.

11. Tony Hill – encouraged me to become a Detective and supported me the entire journey.  Tony is an inspiration in that he taught me to never stop learning – even when he left the police tony engaged in many new journeys to teach himself more – learning new languages and expanding on his already excellent grasp of engineering and design.   I remember speaking with tony after he left the police and told me of the shear frustration he encountered when trying to hold the medical profession to account.

12. Maurice Whitham – another great supportive boss who stood my his staff.

13.  Ray Vanbeynan – was always a solid guiding hand during my early years as a detective – in fact it was Ray who first warned me about ENTRAPMENT and not doing this to any suspect while I was working in Drug Squad – interestingly it was RAY who later spoke with me when I had concerns about being ENTRAPPED – funny how fate takes these twists and turns…..

14. Mike Preece – my father Michael – cant ever forget him, he was my best mate, and most avid supporter in all that I did in life – know to all his mates as ‘GOD”. He is there waiting to receive all those who have committed “EVIL” here on Earth.


15. John Rex Hughes – another great boss – always called you by name – and was always genuinely interested in what you were doing. Always took the time to encourage and teach you – john showed me the skeletal remains of Swedish Tourist Urban Hoglan and showed me the chips and markings in his spine – which clearly showed this man was stabbed using a very sharp object.

16. John HIrst – a great boss, good man and leader of men.  I took his son Robert under my wing and gave him a job in my business and saw that young man go from pumping gas to managing our operations in Australia.

17. Dale Candy – was always very supportive of all that I needed to get the job done and was always praising people who did a good job.

18.  Richard Bray – one of my first sectional sergeants – a character was the old Donk.

19. Graham Henry – Dry as ever – my old biology master and Rugby and Cricket coach – he was always very encouraging and supportive when it came to sporting achievement.

20. Sam Hannah – A very good boss – one of the first I worked with in a Safe break job with Glenda Hughes – taught me plenty that day and he looked after me when a criminal tried to frame me.

21. Graham Rhodes – my rugby coach when I was with Eden Rugby – we won the Portola shield that year with a game and a try by me on under the posts on Eden park – what a fantastic experience.    Graham was a mans man and a very good coach of rugby tactics.  We had a brilliant team that year – Gavin Walsh, Lindsay Harris, Tai Fong, Tony Kirman to name a few…..and we did what few Eden Senior squads had done before – we got into the top six of the Gallagher shield playoffs.

22.  Chris Preece – my Uncle – who introduced me to duck shooting – and having fun at the gun club shooting clays – in the good old days.   This man will make you laugh at anything.   You are A great man Unk.

23. Bruce Good – a very good honest caring supportive leader of men.  Bula – we worked the Dutch Consulate general enquiry which took us to Fiji, where we did very well intercepting and interviewing ex Special Forces Staff who were sent to intimidate and threaten him by his ex business partner Mr Kidd – who I see just recently won a decision against him…..2015.

24. Malcolm Burgess – Pedantic and thorough in his leadership decisions and investigations – kept you on your toes as a young investigator – always drove you to get the best results.   he commented on how many Directional job sheets he produced from my 3 hour interview with deceased prostitute – leah Stephen’s friend that I conducted while she was under hypnosis – one of the first in Auckland as I recall – produced plenty of followup work for the team.   We worked some great operations during my time on General Squad and it taught me much about investigation and enquiry and running high quality informants on that squad – real men doing real work on that team – robberies, violent crime.

25. Kevin GEE – KG – now who could ever forget the drilling old KG would give you at inservice training – even when you got the question right – he would demand you explain it in detail and with reason.  Another great guiding hand during my early detective years – car squad was a great place to work in those days.

26. John Tidswell. My boss on car squad – added to the great team we had in that time cleaning up Auckland of serious car thefts in the day.   You name them we got them all during that time.

27. Pat ODonovan  MY Crime Squad Boss – relaxed but thorough and very helpful in teaching you the ropes as a new detective.  We had a lot of fun on that squad in those days and arrested some seriously bad criminals.

28. Gerry Driessen – Gerrys dad founded Driessen Aircraft Equipment – which is now the global supplier of aircraft interiors and equipment – a world leader created by a family – human beings.  Funnily enough Gerrys Company was merged with the business I created – into one of the largest Aircraft Maintenance Companies on the planet.    Gerry was always humerous, caring, and diligent in his work – he taught me patience – you never saw Gerry get upset – ever – he was a master of global sales around the world – known to every airline and many people.   I enjoyed immensely knowing and learning from Gerry as I took my company Global.

29. Patrick lloyd – BE Aerospace Representative for Asia Pacific – BE are the leader in Aircraft Seating product supplies around the world – Patrick was always there encouraging and giving advice in my early years, and I will never forget that.

30. Bob Rogers – Mr NORDISK – the ULD man = if there is a man on the planet that represented the cargo container – it is Bob.  Bob was the ULD – Bob personified the ULD – he was the global salesman for Cargo Equipment for Nordisk and he was very well liked around the world.  I thoroughly enjoyed my times with Bob as he shared his many stories and encouraged me in my business and success.

31. Ted Dunwoody – anyone in the cargo world knew Ted – he was a man who took all he had from England to America and set up Century Aero Products a ULD manufacturer based in COMPTON. Now there was a story of persistence and determination – he never gave up – he had an idea and he turned it into a reality.   Mr LEXAN – another MR ULD.

32. MIKE FARRELL – sadly I just read today that my latin Master Mr Farrell passed away last year.  What an incredible man.  His relaxed manner. his incredible wit and his ability to teach young men with such enthusiasm.  What a sad loss to the world – this man of great character and integrity – Ad Finem.



There are More names to be added – but this gives you a flavour of the people who have influenced my life and where I went.

Much of my Business success came from the procedural training I had in the Police – large contracts I went on to win internationally where submitted and prepared using my grounding in the police – writing operational orders, managing men and working with people.    And taking away much of what many of these people named here taught me in life.

To all these great people – Thank you to all of you.


Isn’t it very sad that I must also note in this page that several people in NZ Government departments – a few of its agents in the offices of power – were the primary and only reasons for my demise and the destruction of my success and progress in life and have been the only concern I have ever had in my life – they have been oppressive, irresponsible and totally unhelpful in all aspects and that is a travesty as I look back on all that I was achieving and doing in and for NZ.

I know things can be better and must get better – because the great people I worked with over the years has proven that to me – there are good people in the world.     There are good people in public office –  Not all are corrupted by power.

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