INTELLIGENCE – or lack of it.


With regard to Spying – Intelligence is Primarily the process of Observing and monitoring people to gather information about them.

The OODA – loop – without information you are blind and unable to plan or react.

Observe – Orientate – Decide course of Action.  And do this over and over and over again as you monitor a target or group that is being Observed.

This is why Special operations groups come under the direct control of the Intelligence agencies – because their primary role is to Observe and report back so that plans can be made.

ARE our own Intelligence staff also ENTRAPPED – COMPROMISED OR LEVERAGED?

If we look at how Intelligence agencies were established in the US – the “Intelligent” people were taken from the best Universities – but the problem is, many came directly from Societies within those universities, which operated JOINING RITUALS – which ultimately led to many of these people being ENTRAPPED from the outset.

To join such a group – you have to commit an offence or do something that proves you are loyal to the group.  Just like joining a CRIMINAL GANG you have to prove you are worthy.

You also have to swear allegiance to this group under oath and under threat of death if you ever disclose the SECRETS of the group.

How much more ENTRAPPED and LEVERAGED can you get?

Does it surprise us then if as a member of these clubs – yourself ENTRAPPED – that you will not look to do this to others as a normal and routine part of your life.

That is my experience with the person who tried to ENTRAP ME – he was doing it out of ROUTINE – it was normal for him to always try and get some leverage over everyone he met.


In any Profession – you need business – so a carpenter need building work, a dentist needs teeth to fix, an accountant needs beans to count and so on.    How would these businesses be affected if there were no longer rotten teeth or no needs for accountancy?     They would cease to exist and they would no longer be required.

So following this logic – if a SOLUTION to end Dental Decay was available = would it be in the best interests of Dentists to push it to market and reduce their future business – the answer is clearly NO.    They would be self destructing by doing so.

Similarly with Compliance and Safety inspections – these groups are always looking for new opportunity to keep themselves in EXISTENCE – they need this to survive and be relevant.   If Safety requirements dry up – they are all out of a job.

Similarly with Law and Order – imagine if there was NO CRIME – there would be no need for Police or Lawyers and less need for COURTS and JUSTICE.

So is it in the best interests of these BUSINESSES to FIX problems in society – or is it in their best interests to perhaps reduce ENFORCEMENT, RELEASE CRIMINALS EARLY – because when they do this – BUSINESS INCREASES.

This explains why we see governments deliberately REDUCE funding and resources to POLICE – a crime ridden society requires more LAWS – more COMPLIANCE and MORE CONTROL – which is exactly what those in power want.

Its no good to them if there is NO CONFLICT and NO CRIME.

The same applies to groups like INTELLIGENCE. – they NEED Terror and threats to justify their existence. The fact they run around in SECRET means there is very little in the way of checking to see if these threats are even real?

which leads us to DOUBT = the mid point between Belief and Disbelief –  we are at this time in history -where there is ALOT of DOUBT as to the Validity of the many Threats we are facing today.


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