Why does everything today appear to be a CONTRADICTION …INVERTED…..OPPOSITE…

The Howard ZINN speech of 1970 asks this question so well.


The lesson – challenge, Question, ask WHY.

Living in the “NOW” in the MOMENT – has no OPPOSITE!

I am pleased I have your attention and the five headed snake is awake!

I am you and you are me and we are all the same.

For I have seen what you FEAR to see, and I have been where you FEAR to be.

In life we were all given free will.  To be free and independent.

We live by natural physical laws which requires that opposites attract.

Which is why the male atom ( adam ) +ve and the Female Electron ( Eve -ve ) are naturally attracted to each other.

We were not supposed to live in fear.   For fear upsets our natural balance and is the reason “FEAR” is forced on society.

We Should not accept being thrown into continual crisis or to be challenged with opposing views and contradictions at every turn.

Opposites . Contradictions . Conflict. Entrapment, Leverage. are all used to CONTROL.

Are you being leveraged?

It was Archimedes’ who identified the operating principle of the LEVER –  the MOMENT of FORCE.

Are you too compromised.?

Are you Controlled?

Are you too Living in fear?

Are you Working against your free will?

Have you been ENTRAPPED?  BLACKMAILED? to work against your conscience unless of course you are a psychopath and you will not have one.

I know many in the power game who sleep with a gun or need protection because they also live in FEAR.

Is this FEAR real of manufactured?

Am I the enemy or have you simply been supplied with an opposite to attack?

Controlling people through FEAR ENTRAPS everyone.

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