PEDOPHILE PROTECTION – A personal experience

I have witnessed the Corruption of process first hand – I just did not know it at the time.

I have been dealing with the corruption of the family court for over ten years so I know their tricks……

I was a Detective in the Police where I witnessed first hand how a FAMILY court judge was brought into the criminal court ( most unusual at the time ) to oversee a trial which ultimately assisted in protecting a suspected pedophile we had arrested…

The charges were dismissed with no legal justification.and the written decision was also delayed till after the appeal period had expired …..our police prosecutors were very annoyed and supported our evidence and our arrest – and prosecutions was prevented from lodgeing an appeal against the unlawful dismissal of charges because the written decision was delayed till after this date had elapsed.

The Dismissal of Charges also resulted in the offenders FINGERPRINTS being destroyed – which also meant we could no longer formally identify him and link him to an INTERPOL Alert where he was wanted for questioning for Child Sex offences and Supplying Kids with drugs – Cannabis.

I was vilified – defamed- in the media for making the arrest and persecuted for months afterwards and now I understand why.

This same individual was attacked and ended up in hospital with his injuries months later and made statements to police that I was a primary suspect in his attack… I was investigated internally by police for aggravated robbery!

Fortunately a young child who had been picked up by this person at a local bus depot and fed cannabis and had been sexually molested came forward with his parents admitting it was he who attacked this person after being sexually molested.

Its now clear to me this person – this offender was GROOMING kids for a more sinister cause.

This is all very clear to me now … years later …. now I can see what has been occurring.

I can also now see why there were attempts to ENTRAP me more recently in 2014 – to have me arrested and thrown in JAIL on bogus firearms charges – given my recent challenges to the family court and child Support systems.

I have mounting evidence now from locals in my area that the man they used to try and entrap me is doing this on a regular basis to good citizens – I now also have many retired police supporting me and my concerns on this matter.

The biggest problem for this individual is that in trying to entrap me – he has himself committed several serious offences – evidence of which has been tabled and documented.

Some serving offices who I had regular contact with have been told to keep away from me.

I have tabled serious concerns with the ombudsman’s office supported by evidence relating to Family court and the Child Support systems and they are simply refusing to formally investigate these concerns – no complaint – no investigation – no formal need to report the findings and make them official public record.

To date its been almost 2 years since they were handed the complaint.

Never forget there are many good honest police – serving and retired who are also being kept in the dark.

This also explains why so many good Police – senior officers are being retired early from the Police Force and Generals from the Military in the USA.

You cannot enforce Corrupt standards on the public – when you have GOOD officers working for you – you need to stack the ranks with those people who are easily Corruptible and easily manipulated.

Psychopaths reverse victim offender roles….because being the victim is more powerful.

That’s why good people are accused of the very offences they have committed!!!!

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