If you read my discussion pages on Psychopaths and Darvo = you will then understand why we are seeing today so many people in Celebrity and or in positions of power being exposed as PEDOPHILES and CHILD SEXUAL DEVIANTS.

Pedophiles and anyone who bullies or forces themselves on an innocent vulnerable child is sick and needs to be locked up forever.  Period.

So touching children who are not yours by birth is not acceptable.  This includes stroking a child’s hair.

This is offensive and unacceptable on so many levels.

Especially when it’s a grown man touching a young female child that is not related to him.

( let me clarify – A dad – a Father who touches his own daughters hair is acceptable.   Whereas A man – an adult stranger touching a young females child’s hair is creepy and unacceptable – made worse if that person is in a position of power)

Across the UK, and many western governments we are seeing an explosion of revelations concerning Pedophiles and those in power who have convictions for Child molestation and sexual offending involving children.

Good Parents – mums and dads – especially woman must rise up agains this concern – for fathers and mothers are protectors of children – mothers especially – their caring and nurturing instincts are stronger so revelations of this sickness must surely make them very upset.

There must be a public exposure of Pedophiles or any people with child sexual convictions or history of abuse – especially any people in positions of power – anything less is corruption and deception if its permitted to remain secret a second longer.


Why do these concerns and those involved all start with the letter P?  Is there a connection?

Pedophiles, Politicians, Power, Perverts, Prime Ministers and Ponytails.



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