Personal Experiences – Entrapment

I have had first hand experience of being entrapped and that is why I have started this blog.

Agent Provocateurs – Entice you to commit a criminal act.

Its the most unpleasant experience because you know and see something is wrong – but at the time you don’t know what.

Fortunately for me I worked in Surveillance, I worked undercover and I was able to spot people following me.  I was also able to detect that certain subjects were being discussed with me that were illegal and or unsavoury – designed to see if I would comment or become involved.

Similarly there were attempts to get me to join groups that could best be described as “survivalist or preppers or even revolutionary”.   I refused to participate in these meetings.

There were also attempts to see if I was prepared to take up the “offer” made several times to have my ex partner silenced if needed – he had “contacts” for this type of work.

I had told this person I was having problems seeing my child and had multiple concerns with the family court – as every parent does.  Fortunately for me I would never have contemplated or considered this.

I was also asked several times if I had ever done anything wrong – criminally – so he was fishing to get information on me.   He even admitted to me – that he had broken the law – to see if he could gain my confidence and an admission from me.

I was given information about people – that had I gone public with, I would have been liable for defamation.

This person also made threats that he wanted to shoot a person in high office accusing them of being “gay” and liking black people as his reason – so very extreme subjects and efforts were used to try lure me into and entrap me had I engaged in these discussions with him.

I was sold firearm parts knowing they were illegal for me to own, for I was told at the time of sale – that they were perfectly legal for me to purchase so long as I did not use them in a firearm.

I have since been told by the Police these parts should NOT have been sold to me at all – it is considered a Dealer offence to sell these parts to a person who did not hold the required licence endorsement.

Looking back through all my notes there was a CLEAR PATTERN and multiple attempts to compromise my Credibility and integrity and to get some form of leverage over me – through entrapment.

A number of credible witnesses and associates all now unanimously agree that I was being deliberately entrapped – and since some of them had personal experience with this same person – my concerns now simply verified what they already suspected.

Don’t be fooled either if you see Gangsters or real criminals following you – this is a classic tactic used by Intelligence officers – it provides PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY – because no one would ever believe their own Government agencies would use CRIMINALS to do their dirty work …..sorry to burst your bubble people – but they will and they do.

A study in the USA recently by a reputable University – exposed that 99% of the “Terrorists” arrested by the FBI in the US were all ENTRAPPED by the FBI – good people encouraged to commit offences by FBI and or Intelligence agents – this gives you an idea as to how much of a concern this has all become.

Many citizens would NOT know what to look for and would be easy targets for ENTRAPMENT.

When my story broke – I used alternative media because I knew the main Stream media were never going to print what I had to say – and I was right because they never followed up on what should have been NATIONAL news relating to all the primary subjects of the day – I was able to analyse fully what happened and after speaking directly with the police I was able to determine that I had been surveilled by Intelligence agency staff and their associates.

I knew the police were NEVER after me – but Police resources had been called upon and used to assist when needed – the police would not have known who was being followed or for what – when they got the call for help – so they just assisted as required.

The person who tried unsuccessfully to entrap me had sold me large capacity firearm magazines – advising me it was perfectly legal to own them – but not telling me that if I was raided and found in possession of them by or near a legal firearm – I would be arrested and face jail time.   Total ENTRAPMENT.

Since this incident I have also been informed my a number of people who were aware for some time this individual was deliberately compromising people and then potting them to the police.   So it appears I was NOT the first.

And that is how easy it is to frame someone and take down a good citizen who knows too much or who is a possible threat to power in some way – because they simply wanted to expose the TRUTH.

What annoyed me more than anything – was that I was never that person.     I had to break many of my own personal rules of not being an informant – a nark – just to protect my own position when I was being ENTRAPPED.

I had operated many informants during my years in the police and I never ever gave them up or disclosed their identity.    The only time I ever exposed someone was this person – who tried to ENTRAP ME.

So this is happening and its criminal.   And it must be Criminalised before more INNOCENT people are discredited and destroyed all because they want to expose the TRUTH.

Why was I being ENTRAPPED – because I had been told something which was and could have been politically damaging to power and also I now believe because I have made significant complaints to the Ombudsman relating to Child Support and Family Court practices which IF investigated and confirmed WOULD cause significant embarrassment if what happened to me was made public.

So we also have examples of ENTRAPMENT being used as a weapon against Citizens – not because I was a threat – not because I was a criminal – but because I was a perceived threat to power – so using intelligence agencies for this purpose is a clear abuse of POWER.

I am also concerned that a person on the street – a no body was privy to information – emails, and personal information that could have only come from those managing our Intelligence agency, so the question then must be – what else is being handed out and for what purpose – are we seeing COMMERCIAL Secrets handed over to competitor’s for example given this man was a businessman?

After almost 2 years now, there are still refusals to formally investigate my complaints which relate directly to :

Breaches of Rights to natural Justice and Due process.

Breaches of Rights to privacy.

Breaches of Human Rights.

Illegal – Unreasonable Search and Seizure of family property.

Breaches of rights to FAIRNESS.

I have admissions to breaches of rights to Due Process by Child Support  – which lead to the ex parte under urgency and without notice – Applications for warrants to seize family property – but they are trying to right this all off as simply a “MISTAKE”….yeh right! it has happened on more than one occasion so it was clearly NOT a mistake…..and so thats why they are refusing to Formally investigate the matter – for then they have to formally REPORT the results.

As of April 2015 the Ombudsman have agreed to officially notify my complaint – but now it appears are refusing to actually investigate the matter to a conclusion.

I note recently that an ex MP was also the VICTIM of “spying” – I wonder if he has worked out “WHY” he was being targeted?

If I recall he was trying to Expose a Convicted Sex Offender with connections to a political party – and so its obvious why he is now a target – because they are trying to get something over him – to leverage, bribe, entrap, blackmail intimidate him to back off and shut up.

The DEFENSIVE position is to simply DELAY investigations, Procrastinate, Coverup, and try hard to get leverage over all those who can expose the truth.

That is what our spy agencies are being used for today – to dig up dirt on anyone who may be a threat to power – or who perhaps has information that exposes corruption of power and a direct abuse of power by a few.   My experience is exactly this.

And if all else fails just arrest anyone and everyone who tries to post comment about any TRUTH using the we are going to BULLY the CITIZENS laws just introduced……yes we are all aware of this and we are all not happy…….another contraction the tactics of the psychopath – say one thing and mean another – many are now awake to the Corrupted practices of Liars and cheats and those without Conscience.

A meeting today exposed yet more concerns – we have active police now stating in private that the police are CORRUPTED – they also are saying one thing to the public and doing the complete opposite………

For the record – I am NOT HAPPY you forced Keith BRADY out of the force – Keith was one of the good men, a good honest man and a very good investigator, a mentor and leader of good men – and you bastards destroyed his career as well, all because he TOLD THE TRUTH………and stuck by his word.     You dogs – you totally corrupted dogs.   When you force men like Keith out of the Force – we have a big problem – but this is not new – you are getting rid of all the good men and women who stand up for what is right and honest and just and true.   And guess what – you can’t keep that up for very long.

Watch this space.

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