We have talked extensively on this BLOG on matters affecting your credibility, integrity and character.

So what happens when the first line of defence fails to get the desired result.  What happens if you can not silence the TRUTH teller using ENTRAPMENT?

Stages of Violence used to Destroy the TRUTH – or anyone wanting to speak TRUTH to POWER.

1.  Character Assassination – Using Entrapment, destroy you financially, write lies about you in Blogs, digg up dirt on you, telling your friends not to believe you – anything that can be presented to the masses to show you are not to be believed.

You see getting you locked up so you can be Severely BEATEN or KILLED in Jail is a fantastic way to remove someone from society and keep them silent.  I believe that was a tactic deployed on me which fortunately failed miserably.   They always use other people to do their dirty work – to give plausible deniability and distance from accusation.

2. Threats of violence, bribery and intimidation to remain silent to suppress the TRUTH.

When a person can not be fitted up or discredited – lets try intimidating them – if they are not easily intimidated by BULLIES they are not going to react to this form of persecution.   Any person who has similar knowledge or who will support you could be intimidated through FEAR to stay away – thats why you are threatened with arrest if you dont speak and jail if you even tell someone you have been spoken to.

3. Death by Accident – Car accidents are great – easy to set up and easy to ensure no one survives especially if you work in closely with those supposedly there to help save lives.

4. SUICIDE – Firearms and or Poison – create a cover story that you were suicidal, mental, had financial problems, all the usual bullshit is rolled out to create an excuse as to why you topped yourself and or your family.

5. Death by Supposedly natural causes – induced heart attacks are easily created these days.  The Science is available to study this and establish that this can be performed very easily.

6. When all else fails – simply hire an ASSASSIN to KILL YOU – this is messy because its so obvious unless of course they try and make it look like a robbery gone wrong……or as I said above – have you placed in a jail and killed by criminal inmates who have been bribed and paid off.

Most importantly – in every respect its so important they don’t get caught – for that cannot happen.   So like all criminals they will do everything possible to ensure that there is no evidence linking them to the crime – and that is why often assassins themselves are killed off after a few jobs.

its also important to understand that if someone is aware of what you are doing – and how you do things – they have planned well to ensure all is exposed should anything happen.

It starts to get hard to control things when you have to start killing your own people to keep secrets.

People who do not keep SECRETS sworn under threat of death must be killed to set an example.   For they have to trade their life if they do not adhere to the ENTRAPMENT – and this is why nothing gets out  – people live in total fear of DYING if they say anything – even within their own party circles – its ruthless, cut throat and even internally they are all like vipers betraying each other to get ahead.  We are seeing this unfold today in real time – there is desperation to ensure only those wanted are selected – at the expense of all others – even their own people.

This is when you have LOST CONTROL – the question is = will people remain silent or have you stirred up resentment in the ranks where others will start releasing information to bring you all down?   We are seeing information leaked and presented which is exposing the lies.    Interesting times……….have you also deceived those who would have been and were always loyal in the first place?

As I have said many times – you can not build a great world when you place your trust in Psychopaths and LIARS.  

For they will all simply look to also take you down when they themselves are deceived.

There is clearly an agenda that must be adhered to – any delays will see it all fail miserably.  So at whatever costs, even betraying your own people, even killing them- is a sacrifice that must to be made to keep to schedule.

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