Destruction of CARE – Destruction of Feminine Virtues

The OPPRESSION of WOMEN – OF CARE is one of the biggest crimes of humanity currently affecting the world and its progress forward.
The caring nurturing nature of WOMAN is being destroyed – systematically destroyed.
Notice the recent demand that schools implement gender neutral clothing – so male and female dress the same – well they are NOT going to put everyone in a dress are they? – which then means this is designed to remove feminine identity – destroy what defines a WOMAN and their identify as WOMEN from the community at large – starting at school.
If we look at the appalling situation faced by “HILLARY” whose daughter was sent for an abortion without any discussion or information being passed to the CHILDS parents – we can again see the deliberate destruction and removal of CARE.   What better way to deprive a mother of her natural instincts of CARE, and NURTURING – than to LIE to her, and to deliberately DEPRIVE her of information about her own daughter and what was going on – this is why it was done.   Don’t believe any other lies or bullshit – this was deliberate.
It is FRAUD – a FALSE PRETENCE – this mother was deliberately deceived – lied to about where her daughter was.  This is another matter that needs to be addressed – TRUST – we pass over kids to school believing they are being cared for and protected – and we expect not to be LIED to about where they are.
Women – hopefully – when they wake up to this – when they finally give up protecting their psychopathic demeaning controllers who are suppressing them – they will rise up and destroy this corruption forever – prophecy states – this will be the killing of the serpent with the heel of the boot – by females – the feminine – caring characteristic of human nature must be protected.
How often do you see a powerful man talking to and treating his wife in a demeaning manner ….seen this recently with any leaders in NZ?
Its common for women to be treated in this way by people who abuse power and who have too much control – the psychopathic controller with NO CARE, NO HUMILITY and NO CONSCIENCE.
Mums – this battle involves you more than you know – and you must also not get embroiled in the Man V Woman Conflict.
Parents MUST unite on these issues = do not get drawn into the forced conflict which only divides us  – avoid conflict discussions between – mum v dad or any other racial debate. This is about PARENTS defending the right to be parents and to retain the importance of FAMILY.
BALANCE – you need A mother who is caring and nurturing and a father who is protective.
These values – this balance which makes a family strong – are under attack.

 I have previous experience – over ten years dealing with the corruption that is the family court.

From that Experience I can help your team from a strategic point of view as you plan to WIN this battle.

1. Only fight a battle you can WIN.

2. Only fight a battle in or from a location that you can control.

3. You have much evidence and many good people on your side – never forget there are Millions more GOOD people in this world – than bad – yes even in politics, the media, the police and within the judiciary.

4. ENTRAPMENT conducted in secret is being used to manipulate the good to do bad things, so they can be arrested and destroyed – so that good people lose – credibility and integrity and reputation.

This is the current game you are in. Entrapment is used to take good people out of the game and this is the PRIMARY weapon of this EVIL.

How do you WIN. Where do you take your battle? How can you control the landscape?

1. ENTRAPMENT – you are seeing this in action daily against your people and many millions more good people around the world – you can turn this around by creating a cause – ENTRAPMENT must be MADE ILLEGAL.

Crowd Fund for this demand Globally – There is a global need for the sake of humanity that ENTRAPMENT is OUTLAWED – FALSE FLAGS and every other dirty trick used to deceive the public must be made ILLEGAL – because even the corrupted have to currently work within the the LAW ( thats why they constantly seek to change laws to make the BAD – LEGAL )

2. Never ever fight a battle in the Family court again – its a NO WIN location – you have NO control there.

3. Take your battle into the CRIMINAL courts with a Complaint of DEFAMATION – you have evidence of your entire GROUP – of caring parents being labelled as Pedophiles – because they viewed your concerns online – Allegations made in a decision not based on FACT – this is Defamation at its very core.

This potentially could be the largest Defamation case in history – defaming Millions of good people – with the stroke of a pen in a judgement we all know was offensive to rational caring parents of children.

4. If you look at what is happening in the word today – there is a deliberate attempt to DESTROY “CARE” – the Feminine Value of being CARING and NURTURING – this is under attack – Hence the Cremation of Care Ritual practised by these cults.

5.If we look to the future as to who WINS this battle – it is GOOD WOMEN who rise up and fight this EVIL.

It is GOOD Woman who finally wake up to the corruption and take back what has been stolen from them using Feminism and every other dirty trick know to mankind.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” – could not be more true today.

Good luck and best wishes.

Victory of the People – Destroyer of Evil.


As a woman I totally agree about the way feminism has been used to undermine the family and virtues of nurturing and caring.

Whilst I absolutely agree with women’s rights to equality, equal pay etc., the dead give away for the real aims of the feminist movement as a tool to break down the family unit, was it’s failure to focus on the rights of women to be able to AFFORDABLY choose to stay at home to raise their children, and to be RESPECTED for doing that.

Regarding your comments about the role of women as the destroyers of evil. I am not terribly religious but wasn’t there something in the bible to the effect of “the heel of the woman shall crush the serpent’s head”.

That could be literal, or perhaps it could mean that the feminine virtues of nurturing and caring will destroy the evil ‘death cult’ represented by the serpent that is Satan.

Time to get our boots on then. 🙂

Sickened above – as we all search for the TRUTH in this matter – and thats all we want – the TRUTH – we must also be mindful of influences who are trying to CONTROL this debate and STEER it in a direction of their choosing – for their benefit.

Sadly that is the way this world is now managed – through controlled events and deliberately planted scenarios chosen specifically – to DIVIDE society ……….Offering CHOICES which only lead to more CONFLICT.

VIctory of the People – Destroyer of Evil.

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