I unknowingly at the time arrested a suspected Pedophile years ago and I ended up front page news as a result.

I have been dealing with the corruption of the family court for over ten years so I know their tricks……

I was a good detective and during a Criminal trial I witnessed first hand how a FAMILY court judge was brought into the criminal court ( most unusual at the time ) to oversee a trial to assist in protecting a suspected pedophile we had arrested.

The charges were dismissed with no legal justification.and the written decision was also delayed till after the appeal period had expired …..our police prosecutors were also prevented from lodging an appeal against the unlawful dismissal of charges.

I was vilified – defamed- in the media for making the arrest and persecuted for months and now I know why.

This same individual was attacked months later and put in hospital and made statements to police that I was a suspect in his attack… I was then investigated for aggravated robbery!

Fortunately a young child came forward with his parents admitting it was he who attacked this person after being sexually molested.

This young boy had been picked up by this person at a space invaders parlour near a downtown bus depot- was then fed cannabis and was then sexually molested.

The young boy punched this pervert out, stole his wallet and got a taxi home.

There were NEVER any charges of making a false complaint or wasting police time laid over the false allegations against me for being named as a suspect (when I was CLEARLY NOT ) in the “Aggravated Robbery”.

Pedophile rings prey on the VULNERABLE – thats why they look for homeless kids and or look to take control of kids away from their parents – foster homes – welfare care.    These entities need to be investigated as they appear to be the holding pens for children waiting to be abused.

Kids who have no one to speak for them or protect them are the perfect VICTIMS for ABUSE.

This is all clear to me now … years later …. now I can see what has been occurring.

Never forget there are many good honest police who are also being kept in the dark and are not aware they are being manipulated as well.

Psychopaths reverse victim offender roles….because being the victim is more powerful.

That’s why good people are accused of the very offences they have committed!!!!

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