We have a pattern here – and the tactics are the same over and over again.

How is the TRUTH being SUPPRESSED and HIDDEN?

First they DENY the accusation and accuse the offender of a crime – DARVO – the Psychopath.

Then they look to attack you – your credibility your integrity and your reputation – using ENTRAPMENT, DEFAMATION and PROVOCATION.

Attacks on you will also include – FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION so you are incapable of fighting a FAIR fight in the Judicial Options made available to you.

Any Complaints made are then deliberately DEFERRED, WRITTEN OFF, DELAYED – SUPPRESSED – or simply NOT initiated into FORMAL COMPLAINTS that MUST be INVESTIGATED and REPORTED on Formally.

Court Charges against protected “SUSPECTS” – that are Successful – are DELAYED – SUPPRESSED – HIDDEN – kept SECRET at all cost.   On the premise that Time heals or so they think.  Sadly this tactic is losing its steam because there is a HISTORY of COVERUPS for the SAME THING so further attempts at Concealment is FAST EXPOSING the CORRUPTION.

Should any Convictions be successful – these will also be manipulated by simply having the Protected Convicted Offender appear at a later date where some technicality is exposed and his conviction is OVERTURNED and DISMISSED.    We have an example of this ready in waiting to occur right now in NZ.

If all else fails = When and if they finally have to ADMIT the TRUTH – they will simply PAY you off and hope it all goes away – so in effect anyone who persists – and who is not destroyed or killed – will be paid off – admissions will be made with gagging orders and continued Secrecy so that the corruption and Truth of a matter – remains HIDDEN.

Sometimes that is the ONLY WIN you will actually get as an Individual who has been wronged – the rest of the herd will continue to suffer the same concerns you have attempted to expose.


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