Provocation – another tool often used by those who have corrupted power.

PROVOCATION – action or speech that makes someone angry, especially deliberately.

Permitting Provocation in the Family court circus is of course DELIBERATE.

Why else would anyone permit another person to deliberately provoke CONFLICT.

And this is the primary cause of all family court disputes – CONFLICT – often enflamed and encouraged by officers of the Family Court.

There was previously a DEFENCE of Provocation – but in NZ they have outlawed this opportunity – removing it from the statute books – permitting Provocation to run wild – increasing CONFLICT and destroying good parents along the way.

And lets not forget – the objective of all this is to destroy your Credibility, reputation and integrity – to suppress the truth – DELIBERATELY – thats why getting you convicted of Domestic Violence as you react to Provocation is the primary objective – for once convicted you have no Credibility – ever again.

A very nasty form of ENTRAPMENT which also deprives you of time with your own children.

Fortunately I was taught Karate by a master – Kancho Jack Sims – Chidokan Karate – who taught me never to react to PROVOCATION – thank you.

FAIRNESS – an emotion which is hard wired in all of us, is the requirement that we are treated with FAIRNESS.

So if someone wants to trigger – anger or stir up a Conflict in society – simply deliberately remove FAIRNESS.

Humans and animals are hard wired emotionally to react to unfairness – angrily and violently.



A study to demonstrate reactions to injustice and unfairness was demonstrated with monkeys – both were initially fed grapes – then only one was fed grapes in front of the other who was only fed something less appealing – immediately this monkey who was not on grapes – reacted angrily and then violently – which increased the longer the perceived UNFAIRNESS was continued.


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