PSYCHOLOGICAL SUBVERSION is and was previously aligned with COMMUNISM – sadly today others are using these same plans to destroy Value based Society.    Criminals will alway use others to do their dirty work so someone else takes the blame so remember that – the real villians will be hiding in the darkness pulling the strings.

There are (3) three stages of psychological subversion required to make you easier to control and manipulate.

1. DEMORALISATION – Society and its people must first be DEMORALISED.

A Demoralised person can no longer determine the difference between TRUTH and LIES.

Which is why so many false and fake flags are playing out in front of you – ultimately its designed to ensure over time – you can no longer work out what is real and what is fake.

We are being Demoralised daily – across the spectrum – now you know why its hard to deal with Govt departments, why you are seeing so many draconian rules and regulations, so much compliance and controls on your life – its all designed to make you DEMORALISED.

And its working as planned.

It takes between 10 to 15 years to Demoralise a society.

2. DESTABILISATION – in effect makes you and your country POOR – deliberately.

The crash of 2008 – as we all know was deliberately created by the financial sector – who then passed their massive DEBTS onto Governments and their People around the world – the net result being that we have all been burdened with more debt in our lives and economies around the world have been DESTABILISED.

The OCCUPY Movement had it right – but as expected they were the few – the majority of sheep all fell into line and did as requested – persecuted and ostracised occupy thinkers into oblivion for daring to speak out.

3. CRISIS – when every one is DEMORALISED and DESTABILISED – then you must Deliberately Create a CRISIS that will require a solution – the CRISIS – designed to DIVIDE SOCIETY and throw them into CONFLICT- must be so bad that the people ultimately flock to the Government seeking HELP and SAVIOUR.

In Effect your CONTROLLED OPPOSITION – ( have you worked out who they are yet ) those who created the problem in the first place – the created CONFLICT and resulting DIVISION within society – has been forced on you deliberately – to lead you to the desired and pre planned SOLUTION.

Problem – Reaction – Solution – over and over again until you do as demanded.

Its why we see no one making a decision today – they are always taking the MIDDLE ground – this is deliberate because when you have two opposing ends of an argument – they WANT you to choose the middle option.

Antithesis – Thesis – and resulting SYNTHESIS.    Every time people will choose the mid ground.  A compromise.


Its NO COINCIDENCE that “ISIS” was so named.

There are other reasons  behind the ISIS name – which would require a new page to explain – but suffice to say – ISIS is yet another well funded and controlled “FEAR” – designed to get everyone to despair and seek out protection and a solution – from your masters.

4. SOLUTION – the pre-determined Solution will not be what you as human beings want – but it will be what those in control want for you.

Remember when Guiding Sheep to the Slaughter – you dont want to startle the Sheep.

Never forget – there is a war going on – its a war against Humanity – Against – YOU – and never forget ….

WAR IS ALL ABOUT DECEPTION – San TSU the art of war.

DO you want to LIVE – or do you want the opposite – EVIL – to reverse the truth is the devils trick…

The direct opposite of  LIVE  is  EVIL.

Carbon is the very source of all life – if you understand this then you should be concerned why they are TAXING Carbon – in effect TAXING LIFE ITSELF.



This entire Hegelian Dialectic cycle keeps repeating itself – starting with a small CRISIS – multiple CRISIS in different areas of Human Consciousness – Environmental, Food, Medicine, War, Terror all leading up to more massive and penultimate concern as your FEAR and ANXIETY ramp up to an uncontrollable level.


FEAR is the BRAIN killer – FEAR is what keeps us all trapped and suppressed.


If we look back in history there have been very few Great leaders of the modern era who advocated that Human beings should be what they are meant to be – FREE and INDEPENDENT.

One such leader also advocated and in fact encouraged – CRITICISM of GOVERNMENT – and he stated that RESISTANCE and DISSENT would not be suppressed – when Governments got things wrong.

“For an error only becomes a mistake when it is not corrected.”

As I have said previously, in Governments today – Errors are Covered up, Secrets are kept, and anyone who dares to complain or speak out about injustices or unfairness – becomes a Dissident.

Today any DISSENT or RESISTANCE to the will of a Government – will label you an Enemy of the state – you are now theTerrorist in your own country for simply wanting to be  “FREE and INDEPENDENT.”


Research HOWARD ZINN and his speech – the problem today is CIVIL OBEDIENCE – eloquently recited by Matt Damon on you tube if your interested.


A fully Demoralised and Destablized Society – unable to determine the difference between fact or fiction is the easiest to CONTROL.

If you ever want to see an example of how completely controlled and suppressed society has become – watch people lining up in vehicles at the huge RED Octagonal “Stop” signs on the onramps – leading to the motorway system.

Not ONE person will drive through.   If one does – the others – the sheep – the masses – all look on in horror at the Dissident – the Terrorist who simply merges safely into the traffic – driving away – free and independent.



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