WE HAVE ALL BEEN DECEIVED –  please read my comments on Hegelian Dialectics – Controlled Opposition if you do not understand this process.

OPERATION “RAWSHARK” is the name of a computer program which ANALYSES NETWORKS and grabs DATA.

We can all see there was NO WAY – ONE person could have grabbed all that info, analysed it and then disseminated just what was required to cause a problem that needed fixing.

This all took a lot of time and many people to create – then put this plan into play.

Id say it had been in operational planning for at least a year before going live.

blackswans.co.nz – will give you a better insight into how military strategy is being used against the people.

Please read up on Controlled Opposition in my blog frameblame.org – Hegelian Dialectics – Controlling BOTH sides of the argument – from the LEFT and the RIGHT.

War on people is all about DECEPTION.

You have the perfect ACTORS – the UGLY BLOGGER from the RIGHT – and the NERDY “HACKER” from the LEFT.

Both are playing a ROLE working you all to a pre-ordained SYNTHESIS – SOLUTION. ( Problem – reaction – Solution or in todays world – CR(ISIS) – CONFLICT – CONTROL ).

Once you understand this – then all the pieces fall into perfect position.

Operational Targets –

1. Destroy the credibility of BLOGGERS – presenting the Blogging community as an UGLY BEAST – in progress.

2. Cause a CRISIS so as to create an excuse for NEW legislation to be introduced so that BLOGGERS and those who speak the TRUTH are NO Longer CREDIBLE – uncontrolled bloggers are no longer permitted to present or be recognised as purveyors of the “OFFICIAL” NEWS.

This objective is almost completed once the court case “plays” out and new laws are introduced.

3.. Use Bloggers to destroy prospective “candidates” so that only “preferred” people can be inserted into power – this worked perfectly during the last election especially on the North Shore and it was also used to remove those NOT wanted in the power circle in the future.  Mission accomplished.

4. Get the public to buy into the need for changes to spy laws – done – they got all they wanted – and more.

5. Net Neutrality and or the NZ Equivalent – the harmful Digital Communications Bill – all designed to SUGGEST protections to the public – but actually only there to protect corruption of power……

I’m already seeing Blogs on Pedophile rings – exposing people in high places being shut down under these laws…….its happening – free speech and opinion is almost gone for ever…..least until the people wake up to the lies……


Recall I said in an earlier page – keeping everyone in FEAR of being watched is fundamental to creating paranoia.  It would be impossible to spy on every citizen in the physical sense in real time – the labor resources required would make this impossible!

So to making you fearful of being watched so you say nothing to anyone is more valuable.   Of course all your data is saved should you become a problem in the future – then you will get more personal attention and oversight as to what you have said in the past.    Speak the TRUTH and you will be labelled as an enemy of the state, a terrorist, a dissident, a non conformer.   National Security claims will be rolled out to justify your take down – but all you have done is speak the TRUTH to Corruption of power.

Laudafinem – i’m now thinking this web site was also set yo as controlled opposition to gauge dissent and concerns with perceived Corruption and discontent in NZ…..regardless of whether they are or not – most of us have all been led into a blind alley with RAWSHARK and Dirty Politics – so as to DISTRACT us all from what is really happening.

Watching us all argue over what we think happened must be amusing.

Never forget – they COPY and SAVE EVERYTHING – so it was totally inconceivable that all this hacking and book writing and publishing – happened without them knowing before during and after it all took place…..the author should have been on the radar anyway given he wrote a similar expose and caused havoc before the previous election….if he was not officially being watched as a result of that – then they knew what he was doing all along the second time around….and he was left to run with the new information given to him…….

Now do you know who “RAWSHARK” really is or should I say who was RUNNING Operation “RAWSHARK” all along?….come on Ive given you all the clues…….Starts with I and ends in E.

One last point – I am still undecided on whether the book and its author – were also part of the scam or was he also controlled – just a patsy – given just enough information by a STRAWMAN – to go to press and cause a Problem ( CR(ISIS) – ) – Reaction ( CONFLICT ) – Solution ( CONTROL )

A clue to his real involvement lies in the date the book was released.

CUI BONO – Who has benefitted ????

Certainly NOT the public.







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