Yet another tactic of corruption is this little gem – it goes relatively unnoticed and thats why it is used so often.

The name of this game is to simply Delay, hinder, prevent, procrastinate, stall, or deliberately prevent a complaint from ever hitting the public record.

As an example I have seen this first hand with the Ombudsmans office – and this next point is important to understand because the REPUTATION and INTEGRITY of the Government is judged by the number of complaints taken by the Ombudsmans office – who are there to ensure FAIRNESS for ALL.

FAIRNESS being the very cornerstone of Justice – for without FAIRNESS we have no TRUST and without TRUST in a system we have no Justice.

So any evidence that the Justice system or the Systems of Government are NOT being FAIR are suppressed or prevented from being investigated at every opportunity.

It is my direct experience that the Ombudsmans office simply REFUSES to take legitimate complaints.

So if there are “No Complaints” relating to the way Govt are actually behaving – “NO problems” here mate – move on nothing to see.

No OFFICIAL record of ANY COMPLAINTS INVESTIGATED – means the Ombudsmans office can then report to Transparency International in its year end report – that a Govt is acting FAIRLY – JUSTLY and correctly – which is of course a complete fabrication when you understand the road blocks they have put in place to prevent INVESTIGATION and COMPLAINTS being taken.

And this is NOT unique to just the Ombudsmans office – try making a complaint to the Human Rights Commission, the Privacy Commissioner, or any other Government office – the Police ( Roast Busters ), the result will invariably be the same.

( I will defend the police on this one – for they have had budgets slashed so as to not be able to perform the work they used to do – and which the public expect of them – so as a result – most serious crimes that were investigated years ago – are now simply FILED as a matter of course – its far more important to put more traffic cars on the road and collect revenue than it is to fund Detectives to provide a service ( which costs money ) and investigate Crime – hence the road blocks making it difficult to report crime, stations closed etc)


Getting back to Deliberate delays by govt offices – Your complaint will be delayed, written off with a library of excuses as to why they should not take your legitimate complaint, and then if you do persist – they will simply ask more questions – without actually Formally lodging your complaint into a complaint of public record – all designed to further assist them to find more excuses and to stop your complaint from proceeding.

Another classic example of this recently in Auckland – New Zealand is the Manipulation of the Auckland property market – Problem – Reaction – Solution – The Cloward and Pivan Strategy – Deliberately OVERLOAD a public System or Service to obtain a DESIRED result.

Example – Excessive and unrealistic Compliance Constraints are installed on Property owners.

Demands are enforced that previously Permitted work performed by registered builders to approved Plan and signed off by council – but which did NOT get a Final sign off, must now all be processed again – from the start.

Council who are required by law to reply to a lodgement for an Inspection within 21 days – simply STALL all applications for these new compliance requirements at the Lodgement stage – never banking cheques, never formally receiving the application.

In my case 4 weeks of deliberate delays as the application sat in LODGEMENT – unprocessed.

This of course does not include the delays and costs you are in for as they dissect your previous work – demanding yet more compliance costs and more expensive work will be required to bring everything up to new standards which never existed and were never required in the past.

While all this goes on there is a massive demand for houses for sale which are in short supply – resulting in Sky rocketing prices – Supply and Demand has been successfully controlled.

This all then leads to the Solution – which of course is to suggest to the public the need for a new LAND TAX to help bring the prices down – a clamp down on nasty “speculators” is demanded.

None of which existed of course – its all been a well planned CRISIS ( ISIS ) to TAX you more and make you POOR.


Post Script – after almost two years – today the 11th May 2015 – the Ombudsman communicated to me that they are going to now formally NOTIFY this complaint.     Which in common language means – formally investigate my concerns, demand answers from those concerned and then formally report the findings.

What I have to then hope for is that there is not a whitewash of the concerns raised.

Persistence is omnipotent – never give up – my concerns with refusals to take complaints are still relevant because they simply hope you will go away and give up before they have to formally investigate your concerns.

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