Secrecy – To keep something Hidden – Secret.

Information which is kept from certain individuals or groups – while shared with others within the secrecy loop.

Secrecy is a form of DECEPTION – War is Deception –  San Tsu the art of war.

SECRET SECRET SECRET – have you noticed that everything that is CORRUPTED must be done in SECRET……

SECRET family courts
SECRET TPP agreements
SECRET Spying on you
SECRET Constitution change
SECRET hiding criminal cases against Politicians
SECRET – hiding pedophiles in Parliament.

Secrecy is Deception and Secrecy is corruption.

Secrecy (also called clandestinity or furtiveness) is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups, perhaps while sharing it with other individuals. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret.

I think the world has had a guts full of SECRECY and SUBVERSION and HIDDEN SECRET AGENDAS that are NOT benefitting the PEOPLE…….

The Question today is – who’s acting in secret and who are the individuals and groups being deprived information.

Clearly the individuals or groups today deprived of information – refers to citizens and the global population in general – for we are all collectively the ones being deliberately kept in the dark.

We are seeing more and more being conducted in Secret – Intelligence agencies demand it, Special Forces insist on it, and secret groups covet it.

Agreements which affect global populations are now being negotiated in secret – constitutional changes affecting Nations are being negotiated in Secret.

What happens though when those operating in darkness – destroy the very necessary relationships with those who were part of this Secret Group?

Case in point – Special Operations –  Seal teams are the tactical arm of the Intelligence industry – sent in to Observe in secret and do the dirty work of governments around the world – this is no secret.

But what happens when these very people = these highly trained and specialised men and women are betrayed?

What happens then – have the protectors of power cut their own throats?

The Osama Bin Laden Raid is fast being exposed as a fake – another Lie.  A propaganda exercise to win public support for more control and to justify and excuse more “torture” in the name of freedom.

The Problem arising is that this LIE is also directly connected to the deaths of more Navy Seals in Extortion 17.

The largest ever murder en masse of a group of special forces personnel in history.   A Silencing of Secrets.

Internally within special forces staff – there is an awakening – en masse to the corruption and betrayal within the secrecy loop.    They are talking and they are all awake to the lies and deception.

These men and women have networks and relationships that stretch the globe – its like ex military, ex policemen – there is a bond, a kinship which cannot be destroyed and remains long after one leaves a service – Ad Finem.

It is unique to these professions and to these good people who have shared experiences and who have walked the walk and talked the talk in the past.       For they have been where you fear to be.

You DO NOT get this kinship between ex politicians for example – for they are aware of the deception and betrayals during their employment, and they never collectively walk the walk and so they have no bonds with each other after their political lives are over.    They DO NOT go where WE have FEARED to BE.

The Question is – how are those in power going to fix this concern?

Because you have now trained the very beast which has the capability to turn on you when it is deceived.

As you read this – answer me this?  Are you also being Deceived?


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