Watch for – DARVO – MEMORY LOSS claims of Alzheimer’s

Behaviour of the PSYCHOPATH when CAUGHT.  A reaction unique to them and them alone.

DARVO – D – Deny the allegation, A – Attack the Accuser . R – Reverse V – Victim O – Offender Role.

The DARVO response is UNIQUE to both Psychopaths and Sexual offenders when cornered and caught out.

Taking on the role of the Victim is more Powerful, so psychopaths want to quickly adopt this position when caught.

The other option psychopaths take when they cannot blame someone else – as a last resort – is to feign memory loss. ( remind you of anyone recently )

Some of those in positions of power are most certainly psychopaths – placed there because they will LIE to the public.

Remember a Psychopath is the PERFECT liar – because they have NO EMPATHY or HUMILITY towards their fellow humans and can lie with impunity and without remorse.

Better still is the Psychopath with a sexual deviancy – because then the Psychopath can be CONTROLLED.

If you investigate this further – the use of secrecy, enforcing joining rituals which involve abuse or deviancy assists in the choosing of the best psychopaths to hold senior posts in control of citizens.

It is even more desirable to use Psychopaths with a sexual deviancy – for they will not only LIE for you but they are also able to be CONTROLLED by Blackmail / Entrapment in relation to their sick secrets.

Across the western world we are seeing MANY GOOD people in high office, in Government, in Police and the Judiciary being systematically REMOVED, sacked or sent to early retirement – because they are the GOOD People…….now why would that be????

Why are so many good people being systematically removed?

In the USA foe example – good Generals are being sacked in unprecedented numbers – without just cause.

And if these good people cannot be removed they are being Bullied, and intimidated to remain silent to the corruption they are witnessing by their psychopathic superiors.

And that is WHY – this entire sick saga in Hampstead is being covered up FAST by the corrupted psychopathic few.

For any exposure to the masses as to the way leaders are behaving and being selected – directly affects the illusion of a free and open Society.

This also explains why so many in high places are now – thanks to the freedom of information on the internet – being exposed for being psychopathic sexual deviants.

Perhaps as part of the Hampstead enquiry the people demand that all those in office are subjected to Psychological testing to determine if they exhibit psychopathic tendencies – which must render them unfit for public office or positions of power and command over people in the future.

Goodness and the light of TRUTH will always destroy Evil.

The Pen is far mightier than the sword.


Victory of the people – Destroyer of Evil.


Agreed. I watched a documentary on YouTube of how psychopaths are actually often chosen for leadership positions like business management, banking, politicians, and CEO roles. It would not be expedient for them to use a test for psychopathy since they use psychopathic behavior to further their cause.

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