STRAWMAN – is a term used to describe a FICTION – a FALSE PROPHET – a Corrupted individual who DELIBERATELY Delivers or sells FALSE information as TRUTH to a person or group.

Its just another form of ENTRAPMENT – because the intention all along is to DELIBERATELY SELL a LIE as the TRUTH.

When this Deliberately BOGUS – FAKE information is used by any person or group as EVIDENCE of a “TRUTH” to Support their CAUSE – The LIE will then be exposed as the LIE it always was – to discredit you – exposed by the very people who sent the STRAWMAN – to Destroy you and all your credibility.

They had the evidence the Information was FALSE INFORMATION from the start – and will use this FACT to DISCREDIT the USER.

Problem – Reaction – Solution – over and over and over again.

ProblemCR(ISIS)  -Send in the LIE sold as a Truth

ReactionCONFLICT – wait for the LIE to be used to support Truth

Solution –  CONTROL – then Expose the person as a “Fraud” when they use the LIE to support a TRUTH – the solution all along was to Destroy their credibility and to HIDE the TRUTH.

This is all Just another nasty form of ENTRAPMENT – which is being used on the Public or any individual who is just trying to EXPOSE a TRUTH.

STRAWMEN – False PROPHETS – are being inserted into Blogs, Web Sites, and all forms of Media on a daily basis.

The aim being to Simply sell LIES to Destroy the “TRUTH”



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