So if there is NOT a deliberate plan in play to destroy the family unit and to destroy the wealth of parents and citizens, then we must review my case and ask what is happening – the problems are either systemic and a total failure or there is a deliberate plan to keep parents away from children, destroy wealth and destroy the family unit.

To date – in my case after TEN YEARS – following the law to the letter = there has been no reward, no benefit at all.

Will this as a result of my complaint – be remedied or will it be permitted to continue?


The manner by which this complaint is handled will give an insight into what is actually happening – if they seek to FIX the concerns I raise here – then the system is trustworthy and working in a parents, families and childs interest.


If it doe not – then there is NO CARE or concern at all by govt in protecting parents income earning ability, protecting childrens’ rights and the childs right to see a parent and their family.

This might then imply we do have pedophiles or psychopaths in charge if there is NO CARE – NO HUMILITY and NO CONSCIENCE shown on these issues?    There is mounting evidence that some in power have been entrapped, compromised and controlled because they are psychopaths and because they have dirty sexual secrets.

lets watch my case unravel and see what comes of this.

Will the PROBLEM be permitted to continue 0r will they make an effort to fix it?????


The current changes to Child Support introduced in 2015 – simply look to take tax revenue from BOTH parents with the view you should feel lucky this is the case – even if they refuse to assist you to see your own child …….


Given a choice – I think most parents would rather see their kids – than receive a monetary benefit …….. 

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