While its easy to identify all that is currently WRONG in the world – its also important to try and offer solutions so that Society as a whole can improve.

Most certainly ENTRAPMENT must be removed as a weapon to suppress Truth and control people.

I think what is sometimes forgotten by those in control is that the people just want their freedoms and FAIRNESS and when they see these being eroded and attacked they will resist – thats simply a normal reaction to oppression.

Humans, in fact all animals, are hard wired to react to any perception of INJUSTICE or UNFAIRNESS.

So as a touchstone to get the public into conflict – all someone has to do is deliberately remove FAIRNESS – and you will deliberately create social unrest.

Tests on Monkeys identified how even they will react = violently at the prospect of UNFAIRNESS.

In one example -when one Monkey was fed Grapes and the other something less appealing there was an uproar by the one disadvantaged and treat in UNFAIRLY.

If we understand this – then we are back to the CRISIS – CONFLICT – CONTROL dynamic being used on society.


Lessons should be learnt from those in control as history is a very good master – if we look back at the many attempts to form a GLOBAL Governance – every one has failed for various reasons – but primarily one of them was the use of IMMORALITY and CORRUPTION and DECEPTION as the means to FORCE TOTALITARIAN RULE over people.

Historically this has never and just will never work – the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

Rome Collapsed under the weight of Corruption – Oppression – Extravagance – and Immorality  and it was CHRISTIANITY and CHRISTIAN VALUES – that ultimately lead to ROMES Collapse.  This is an historical fact.

Attempting to Destroy Christian Values again will also fail because the Human Conscience will always prevail.

Cleopatra – ISIS – the woman who wanted to Rule the world – She deceived CAESAR and then set her sights on control of the Roman Army under Antony ( OSIRIS ) with Rome ultimately falling to Christianity.

In a twist of Fate – NEROS initial – false Flag – Entrapment – setting fire to his own parliament and blaming it on the Christians as an excuse to go to war – only served to unite their opposition towards Rome in the end.

Alex the Great was Defeated at BACTRIA in his quest to rule the world returning to Babylon to Die a broken man.

Napolian at St Petersburg – Officially failed – but was successful in moving the chess pieces around and preparing the ground for the next game.

Hitler at Stalingrad – officially failed – but successful in moving the chess pieces around and setting the scene.

We saw a Similar FALSE FLAG event with Hitler also setting fire to his own Parliament to incite CONFLICT and go to WAR.

If we read Albert SPEER in his book after the War crimes Trials – SPEER was one of Hitlers Henchmen – SPEER warned humanity about the consequences of any Government obtaining and using technology against the people of the world – for he saw first hand what HITLER did with technology.

Albert SPEER’S warning in 1946 was simple – as those in power get more technology then peoples rights and freedoms will come under increasing ATTACK.   And that is precisely what we are seeing today in 2015.

New technology which assists in Spying, Tracking, Monitoring, Controlling, Executions by Drone strikes without due process and forcing more and more draconian compliance on people is directly impacting on their rights and freedoms.

Millions now know that 9/11 was also a FALSE FLAG – used to blame “MUSLIMS” so as to INCITE WAR and CONFLICT in the middle east.

Building Seven was an AWAKENING moment for millions of good people around the world who saw this event for what it was – a Deception – a lie – so now there is global DOUBT.

Millions now know the GULF OF TONKIN and PEARL HARBOUR – were also false flags used to BLAME others – a form of ENTRAPMENT used as excuses to  create CONFLICT and go to WAR.

Are we on the cusp of another failure to rule the word = because someone did not read their history books?

You can NOT and never will rule the entire planet using Corruption – Immorality – Deception – Secrecy – Entrapment and the total Enslavement of people – because effectively EVERYONE then become SLAVES to such a system – even those in control.

Conflict and War and Evil destroy LIFE –   Peace and Love and Good generate and create LIFE

The only way forward is for PEOPLE to demand the Opposite of what they want so as to fix the errors of the past and to change the way they seek change for the future.    “Reverse Psychology.”

It sounds unrealistic but rather being INCITED to REACT to CONFLICT the People must simply demand  “WAR” for then the Solution – its opposite must be provided in reply – ask for war they have to give you “PEACE.”

We are sitting on one very large MAGNET – with a North and a South pole – a Positive and a negative charge with a MIDDLE GROUND at its Equator.


Your THOUGHTS CONTROL what you Receive – your THOUGHTS control your destiny and your impact on the Universe.      You can stimulate change simply my managing your THOUGHTS with what you say and think.

IF YOU THINK “PEACE” – demand PEACE – it will be “OPPOSED” by those in CONTROL – you will be suppressed and receive its OPPOSITE – “WAR.”

IF you THINK “WAR” – demand WAR – it will be  “OPPOSED” by those in CONTROL – for they have to offer the alternative because no one can be seen to be condoning and promoting WAR – so you will receive its OPPOSITE “PEACE.”

That is why PEACE RALLYS against WAR – are met with such FIERCE RESISTANCE by those in CONTROL – they cannot permit PEACE movements before war because WAR is the primary objective so that PEACE can only be offered as the SOLUTION to all your concerns with a need for more CONTROL when you accept their PEACE.

PROPAGANDA – selling lies today is encouraging and glorifying WAR – so that you accept going to WAR  as a means to solve the created PROBLEM (  CR(ISIS) ) – suffer in your REACTION – (CONFLICT)  so that you demand its SOLUTION ( CONTROL ) – a Controlled PEACE.

But in this process which does not have to happen – PEACE will only be offered after total war and destruction of much life.

The chess board is ready the players are all waiting for the deliberately lit spark – to set the fire – so they can BLAME someone else and get you all to agree to CONFLICT and go to WAR.


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