This page is dedicated to the discussion asking why is Society seemingly becoming more draconian, more oppressive, with less public services being provided by governments while implementing more rules, more compliance and more regulation,more costs and more fines, increases in spying and more intrusions into the lives of peaceful citizens.

Read this page in conjunction with my page on CORPORATIONS.

We are seeing a drive to remove the balances to power which have historically been in place.  The Judiciary, Legislature and the Executive historically all had to work together to form and enforce laws on society.   But today this is changing fast.

We are seeing changes to constitutions which have stood the test of time – hundreds of years the Magna Carta the Bill of rights, Human rights have forged a peaceful and civilised society where excessive government power was able to be held to account.

We are seeing Executive orders ( in the US ) or Orders in Council in NZ being used more often than in the past to push laws and make changes to current legislation – so the question must be WHY?

Historically there were restrictions on the use of executive powers – even the Devine rights of kings had limitations when it came to democratic governance over people under the LAW.

Even more recently – Decisions were made in NZ to send troops to a “war zone” without votes in parliament.  Not very democratic.

I was born and raised in NZ from year 1965.  I have lived under one Monarch – our one Queen, our head of state, where we have been governed under a Constitution which from my perspective gave everyone a seemingly peaceful and free lifestyle.

In my time in the Police – which previously worked under a military structure we had a police service which PROVIDED a great service to the PEOPLE.

I use this example because I am familiar with and saw directly the changes within Policing which have occurred in NZ from 1986 – the One Hundred year celebration of policing in NZ – through to the present time 2015.

In 1986 when I joined – the police in Auckland attended EVERY BURGLARY on the day.  Reports were taken, area enquiries were made, fingerprints were taken – all by the attending police ON THE DAY.   Whats the time delay today in 2015 – days, weeks if any attendance at all?

We also attended Theft ex car complaints, audible and silent alarm activations at homes and business, and many other offences which today receive NO attendance what so ever – let alone a report being taken.

As detectives we INVESTIGATED crimes which today are Filed before they even see the light of day.

We are seeing all too often today in 2015, complaints not being taken, station hours reduced, one civilian on the desk taking complaints that now take hours to complete versus the old days when all police staff in the station would help clear the public from the watch house, we have increases in paperwork requirements, reductions in staff, reducing investigative units who actively detect crime – which all has the effect of making it harder and harder for the public to make a complaint to the police and it reduces the reported crime statistics which makes governments look good, but this does not help the public who are directly affected by this.

Deliberate road blocks are in place – so that reported crime statistics appear lower.

So across the board since 1986 I have seen a dramatic REDUCTION in service provision by the police and yet the police received massive boosts to their numbers when the merger with traffic took place.

So what changed during this time?

We have more laws now than ever before, we have many THOUSANDS more police staff with civilian support, they have better equipment, improved communications, computers, cell phones – all this should add up to IMPROVEMENTS in Service levels.

The most dramatic change to take place for the NZ Police was the merger of Traffic with Police – this was massive for the integrity of the NZ police who up until that time had been held in very high regard by the public.

Many failed police applicants who became traffic cops – became Police officers overnight.   Some promoted the day before as Traffic Sergeants came directly into the Police as SERGEANTS of POLICE – with no practical experience at all managing Police officers.

I remember many traffic officers were investigated and prosecuted for crimes when they came under the control of the police, because they had been working under very loose rules and regulations – it must have been a massive culture shock for most of them to be held ACCOUNTABLE.

But what really changed policing in NZ – was the manner by which the Police were structured – we moved from a Military command structure – to that of a corporate structure – INSPECTORS of Police became MANAGERS.

With this change came the need for budgets and approvals to spend money and for the first time ever – time sheets.

When I was a Detective or even an Enquiry Police officer I was FREE to investigate what ever I liked – get warrants, investigate crime, chase up leads and informants with NO financial constraints whatsoever.

And I was definitely NOT required to complete TIME SHEETS.    I was free to get on with the job of investigating crime an prosecuting offenders.

And we had the Power of DISCRETION – we did not have to arrest anyone if we did not want to – we could issue warnings on the spot.  Many people were judged by the ATTITUDE test – if you were a decent citizen, were not aggressive or abusive nine times out of ten if it was a minor matter – you were given a warning and let go – no criminal conviction.

This was important – we felt at the time – especially for a young person with no criminal history – if we could give them a warning and they took the chance to protect their reputation into the future – we as police felt this was the best thing for them, rather than throwing them before the courts where then ended up with a criminal conviction.

Shortly before I left the police after 11 years service – you had to get a budget approval to do anything – and I mean for everything – can you see the problem here.   Investigations came to a standstill.

With the merger with traffic complete – the new focus became TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT and REVENUE COLLECTION, over providing a service to the community.

The Traffic ticket book mentality – which then meant – no discretion for anything – this new mentality came into the police force – budgets needed to be balanced – tickets and arrests needed to be shown to justify funding for the next year – so now issuing a warning or having Discretion was no longer permitted.   You were instructed to put everyone through the books.

We even had Detectives having to write down traffic enforcement time codes in their time sheets when working on serious crime – to boost the traffic enforcement numbers to justify budget.  THis was totally wrong because when investigating a robbery, or a murder you were not going to be performing traffic stops while on route.    But the time sheet record had to show some time performing traffic duties while driving to a scene.

And this is exactly what we have today – the police are no longer a SERVICE provider = they are now a CORPORATE Entity primarily a REVENUE Collector and an oppressor of people.

Policing has moved from being run as a SERVICE for PEOPLE to being run as a CORPORATION for PROFIT.

With youth today being ticketed and targeted for just about everything imaginable we are seeing a generation of people growing up with convictions, fines and huge debt against their names.

I spoke recently to a mother in a small rural town in NZ and she said this was exactly what was happening – the kids are being fined for everything.

What does this do – it destroys a persons integrity and character and reputation before they have even lived.

It seems to me – today the new systems wants you highly leveraged with Debt – anyway possible – with fines or student loans, with no character or reputation or integrity into the future because you have had some dealings with the police who had the power of discretion removed.

If a CORPORATION is PROFIT Driven – it demands you are DEBT RIDDEN – that forces you to owe it everything – can you all see what is happening here – CORPORATE Entities which have no CONSCIENCE, NO HUMAN QUALITIES are marching forward extinguishing the very essence of what makes us ALL HUMANS – the ability to CARE, to have HUMILITY and COMPASSION.

This debate must now focus on what is changing at the top = why are citizens being placed into this situation – globally?   Are their power battles waging as old systems fight for control over those wanting to enforce change on the way the world is managed?

its interesting as we look at the changes taking shape around the world -we have Britain now wanting to remove itself from the EU, we have Britain like NZ and the US wanting to change their constitutions and human rights legislation.

Constitutions which have stood the test of time and been good to citizens.

Perhaps this is what is happening and why we are all being oppressed globally – in an effort to push a new normal on how the world is governed?

Old systems are being targeted – made to look inferior and obsolete – mud is being slung as those wanting to force change are now attacking and exposing the previously hidden concerns of past control systems.

From what I have seen and discussed here – the old systems were in my mind – good systems – they held us all in high regard, gave us rights and freedoms which I think we can all agree were well balanced, fair and just and easy to live under.

The changes currently being forced on people are not looking likely to be good for anyone except those wanting totalitarian control – the Psychopathic, inhuman Corporate entity.

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