WHY do we never see change for the better on critical issues? 

Why do apparently GOOD people not speak out and help when they see WRONG in Society?

I believe its because they have been ENTRAPPED.


Fraternities, and clubs and societies and even these rituals we hear about are all designed to do ONE THING – to gain CONTROL and LEVERAGE over another human being – using FEAR and INTIMIDATION……forcing people to commit a criminal act if they want to be part of a group – and then holding it against them for the rest of their lives…….usually under threat of DEATH if they spill secrets.

Thats all these satanic cults are doing = they are indoctrinating the next generation of people who will be CONTROLLED to do the dirty work of others – to act against their FREE WILL and go against their CONSCIENCE. To prevent them from ever being Free and Independent.

ABUSE begets more ABUSE, VIOLENCE begets more VIOLENCE, Learning to ENTRAP people just makes it NORMAL so these people will also look to ENTRAP others in life – looking always for ways to get control or leverage over another human being……this is the tragedy of our lifetime…..and it must end.

ENTRAPMENT – I have come to a conclusion is WHY NOTHING CHANGES – for the BETTER……

Its because many now in positions of power ( left of right ) – lawyers, judges, and political figures are all ENTRAPPED – they are all leveraged, compromised, Bullied, Intimidated and conflicted to do as they are told – not what their conscience tells them to do…..

Think about this for a long minute – if you know something is WRONG as I am sure many of them do – why don’t they change it?

Because no one is permitted to speak up and say something constructive – for fear of having their livelihood destroyed or their reputation trashed….they are controlled and living in FEAR of reprisal – and this I believe is the key reason we see nothing changing – people want to help I am sure – but they can not ……….
People are NOT born BAD – they are created.

I have seen this with my own good lawyers in family court – they are too scared to support me in doing the RIGHT thing – for clearly they are compromised by a system that FORBIDS them to actually act on their conscience….and do the right thing……

We had instances in NZ recently where good people wanted to HELP a cause – but they were WARNED to stay silent of never work again in NZ – now thats scary stuff. This is how good people are being subverted.

We can rant on here all we like, but nothing will change – many here all agree on the crisis in Secret Family courts affecting all parents and their children GLOBALLY, the stories are the same ……and everyone MUST agree KIDS are being destroyed by this system…….regardless of the forced conflict deliberately induced and stimulated on us all by a system that WANTS and NEEDS CONFLICT between man and women – mum and dad or husband and wife………

I have started a campaign to make ENTRAPMENT Illegal – if we can eradicate this horror it might free up good people to speak up and not be scared or bullied from doing the RIGHT thing….

I am also looking to start a petition to make Entrapment Illegal and a CRIMINAL offence….because currently it is NOT……many good people have been leveraged and entrapped to go against their free will – to do things they normally would never do…..to force change on society they know is wrong…….to enable systems they know are harmful and unjust…..



help a kid, help a parent and help end this horror story…….


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