WHY is the question of our lifetime.

We must ALL avoid becoming CONFLICTED as we discuss any event – being drawn into debates between good and bad, is a conflicted position to take – you are forced to take either on one side or the other in any debate.

In any investigation you MUST remain IMPARTIAL – that is something all POLICE are Taught from the start. Don’t take SIDES. Just look at the facts. It is irrelevant as to what practices or religions are involved by the suspects.

We have ample evidence there is a cover up going on – and you have ample evidence that something is not right.

What is IMPORTANT? – it is important to find the TRUTH what ever this is.

If the TRUTH identifies that the GOLDEN RULE has been broken – it matters not which religion is involved because ALL religions have a position on the GOLDEN RULE – “Do not harm another human being”.

If the TRUTH identifies that the children in this case were HARMED – we must ask “WHY”?

The answer to the question “WHY” ? Will lead us all to identify that CONTROL was the objective – if all the children say is TRUE – then we can see directly that the children were being bullied, manipulated, forced to do something against their FREE WILL.

Then we must present the case to the suspects – for WHY this is WRONG in any civilisation – in any religion – explain to those who are doing this – WHY it is WRONG…….perhaps they are not aware it is harmful.

It is WRONG to BULLY – a group who BULLY is called MOBBING – it is directly causing harm to the person and the net result is to gain CONTROL over that person.

( Bullying is one of the primary concerns for parents in NZ Schools – in fact many mothers are removing their children because of BULLYING. )

If you BULLY – You are breaking the GOLDEN RULE of LIFE.


Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others.

The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict.


The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a maxim,[1] ethical code or morality[2] that essentially states either of the following:

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself (directive form).[1]

All things lead back to ENTRAPMENT in all its forms – the objective being to gain CONTROL.

What is the NEW NORMAL for HUMANITY?

“CONFLICT” is the means by which someone obtains and retains “CONTROL” over people – in every facet of our lives we are being drawn into “CONFLICT” – thats what the system needs to survive – it needs people fighting for one side against another. You are seeing this unfold in the world today – deliberately created – incited conflict. Entrapment.

You have missed my point entirely – Its human instinct to react to a perceived injustice – I understand that.

My next comment is in NO WAY supporting any worship – I am just proposing an example – What if Satanists are worshipping “Lucifer” – the planet Venus – Venus was referred to as Lucifer – light – in historical references – which is exactly what Venus was referred to years ago? If they are worshipping a planet – is that bad or good? I guess it depends on what else it entails?

And if this is true today – what then if that worship has been manipulated to infer they are worshipping a perceived “EVIL” here on earth – Lucifer today is often linked to the devil ( Evil ) – Lucifer has been offered up as the “BAD” side versus the “GOOD” side – one of which you must CHOOSE – your “CHOICE” has been created for you – can you see this?

The Entire point of my post -was to encourage everyone to explain “WHY” it is horrible to abuse kids – or to sacrifice kids.

WHY child abuse is not socially acceptable in ANY religion or Cult or worship ……and is it NOT acceptable in anyones language.

Which then infers as I said – it matters not what cult, worship or religion anyone is participating in – it only matters that the entire abuse of kids – sexually or sacrificially or however else is NOT ACCEPTABLE by the majority of humans – because its a form of CONTROL over another HUMAN BEING.

If you look at the prisons – even prisoners hate child abusers – thats why they get their own segregated areas – if we look at some of the hardest men in the most violent gangs – they all detest Child Abusers.
The list is endless – Child Abuse is something EVERYONE detests – except the few that practice it.

Explaining the “WHY” they do this – assists in EXPLAINING to those doing this – that they are “wrong” on every level of society.

So the argument is one of RIGHT or WRONG ( Accepted by all Humans or NOT ) – versus the CONFLICT over GOOD v BAD or One Religion v another.

If you can see this point – you will then understand “WHY” the world is being encouraged to gradually accept historically unacceptable “normality”. New “normals” are being asked of us all.

Ultimately this debate is one that should be held out in the open – not in secret and not forced on the world by deception and gradual coercing – if people want Human “evolution” to transform into a place where we drink children’s blood, sacrifice kids and sexually abuse them at will – then surely we should all have a say in this?

Obviously I AM NOT in anyway advocating this at all – My position is simple as a father and as a parent – NO ABUSE OF CHILDREN is acceptable in any shape or form. It is a parents job, father and mother to PROTECT their kids from HARM – that is HUMAN NATURE and INSTINCT – PROTECTING KIDS is OMNIPOTENT over bullying, threatening, controlling another human being.

The Question for the world is – Does the majority of Humanity agree with me – or have I become too old and out of touch with these new normals we are being asked to accept?

RIGHT V WRONG – or GOOD V BAD?  Whats the difference?

We agree that it is WRONG ( pedophilia, child Sacrifice ) as assessed by todays moral compass.

So we have some common ground to continue….

Here are some comments I found on the differences between discussing matters from a RIGHT V WRONG perspective versus from a GOOD and BAD……

“Right and wrong are purely moral terms; good and evil can describe moral/immoral actions, but they can also describe what we think is positive/good or negative/evil/bad in the world”.

“Good and Evil have religious connotations”.
“Right and Wrong has human connotations”.

If we consider these discussion above – then we should be able to consider this……

Is one perspective – religious or not – promoting FEAR…….most people who hear about this would be FEARFUL of the content of these discussions and the people involved – and usually people who are promoting FEAR are BULLYS, wanting to Intimidate and control people – which is what we are seeing……have you noticed the BULLYING tactics deployed against anyone who has an opposite opinion?

Also never lose sight of the fact that those wanting to Destroy “MORAL” codes are perhaps doing so to make one side WEAKER than the other….weaken their enemy…….if you destroy the “moral high ground” option then you successfully weaken any opponent who has taken this position in the past …..are we seeing this now as “less” morality is forced on the world by one side versus the other? Change the perception of what is the new Moral compass for the world and anyone who defended these positions in the past has no VALUE position to defend. Defeated without firing a shot so to speak because the masses no longer agree with that previously held MORAL position.

CONFLICT remember is all about CONTROL – creating FEAR is all about enforcing COMPLIANCE.

Bullys thrive in these conditions – but like most Bullys when confronted they run – they are not to be FEARED ever – stand up to the BULLY and you WIN every time.


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